Diamond Confetti Wall!

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Diamond Confetti Wall!
My daughter just turned 12.  
We bought a house and it's finally at decorating point--well some of it.
So I started with my daughters room.
Tween rooms can be tricky.
My daughter is still very girly and cutesy...but I knew that would not last forever...
possibly not even a year!
So I wanted to do something that can transition easily...and change easily!!!

She requested a confetti wall.
 I didn't want to do the same confetti wall that everyone else is doing...
and I used to have dreams about diamonds and gems in all their
glory for the taking rushing past me like a river.
 So this was where my inspiration came from.
 Did you see this fancy tote bag with gem?
It's awesome too...so many possibilities with these diamonds!
 We started with baby blue walls and quickly painted everything white.
I used a satin finish...and we waited the 3 entire weeks before
 putting up vinyl, which was so hard!
 My husband built her an awesome bed...but otherwise the room was blank.
 On her 12th birthday weekend.
I sat tirelessly weeding vinyl.  I guess I could tell people that I weeded all weekend.
Gems, crystals, fine cut diamonds in every variety!
 I did some triangles, hexagons and circles for the confetti part too.
 The gems all need to be put on the wall with transfer tape...
Some have very delicate lines and would be a disaster without transfer tape.
 I cut out the words I wanted.
"Like a Diamond in the Sky"...
you know, from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Love that.
 Then we started.
One by one we clustered the pieces on the wall.
I went with clusters instead of evenly spaced confetti.
 Using a scraper to press on the transfer tape to ensure adhesion.
Then carefully peeling back the transfer tape.
 Piece by piece.
Rarity would be pleased!
 It took about 2 hours from start to finish.
 The hardest part was the very thin vinyl lines of the delicate diamonds.
So worth it though.  I love the variety of lines, shapes and colors.
Some of the vinyl is iridescent, some is metallic, some glittery.
 We added some on the other wall by her light switch as well.
Helps to bring it all together!
 This makes the perfect accent wall!
It's busy and fun...and so girly, but also adulty!
 Isn't it just fun?
I could stare at it for hours.
And, I have favorites too.
And when we are ready for a change, it's just a quick bit of peeling and starting fresh!

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