How to Stencil a Doormat with Cricut

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How to Stencil a Doormat with Cricut!

Yes you can make stencils using the Cricut! 

This fun tutorial will teach you how to stencil a front porch rug or doormat using Cricut. 

Nothing is quite as fun and inviting on your front porch than a custom DIY mat.

This ambigram is clever, reading "come in" or "go away", depending on the side one is standing. 

I was just going to put a "welcome" or a "hello" on the mat, but I asked my 12 year old son what he would like. He said he saw one online that was so cool because it could be read either direction. 

So, I copied it. Just for him. He's so proud.

Supplies Needed for Stencil Doormat:

Step 1: Making a Freezer Paper Stencil with the Cricut

Begin by cutting a piece of Freezer Paper to fit the 12x24 light grip mat, place it on the mat with the shiny/waxed side on the sticky mat. 

Load the image into Cricut Design Space and change the size so it cuts at 23.5 inches long. Then insert the mat and cut on the freezer paper setting.

Step 2: Heat up the EasyPress Mini


Plug in and heat up the Cricut EasyPress Mini to the hottest temperature.

Step 3: Save the Stencil

Now carefully remove each letter cut out of the freezer paper and discard. We are just using the outside space for the stencil.

Be sure to keep the inside of the letters too!

This is how the stencil should look. Everything you want painted on the finished should be gone on the stencil.

Then carefully remove the freezer paper from the mat and place it on your doormat. Use the EasyPress mini to heat up the freezer paper and "tack" it onto the mat in places. 

The waxy surface of the freezer paper will melt and adhere to fabric easily.

If you use this technique on a shirt, it's very easy. Because this mat is so textured, it will not stay down perfectly. 

Tack it in place and then pin the freezer paper to the mat with straight pins.

Then add in the centers of the letters. Press them and then pin them in place.

Step 4: Paint the Mat

Now it's time to paint! Use a stencil brush and the outdoor paint. Hold the stencil down with the non-dominant hand while painting. 

Use a straight up and down method so the paint doesn't push under the stencil.

Fill in all the space with paint, then go clean out your paintbrush.

After cleaning out the paintbrush, but before the paint is dry, remove the freezer paper from the doormat.

Revealing a gorgeously stenciled front porch mat!

Now you can make all the custom doormats you want. Start a business, make them for gifts, or just to freshen up the patio. 

The only question is, do you invite guests in...or tell them to go away!?

My Cricut Maker is my top crafting tool. I absolutely love it and would replace it if anything happened to it. Are you thinking about getting one? Read this post. 

What to Know Before Buying a Cricut

That's it!

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Here's the design file for this ambigram--right click to save off or save to your phone!

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