Soos from Gravity Falls Costume Cosplay Shirt DIY

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Soos from Gravity Falls Costume Cosplay Shirt DIY
We did a Gravity Falls themed cosplay group for our local library's FanCon (Comic convention).  It was a blast and our little gang from Gravity Falls took 2nd place in the cosplay contest in their division.  It's a fun cartoon with simple characters.  I was so surprised that we weren't the only ones with the Gravity Falls theme at the convention.  Here's my son as Soos.
Soos is the resident handyman.
My husband bought a green shirt for my son and he instantly wanted to paint a drippy question mark on it.
Just save off the question mark file and upload into Cricut Design space.
Then cut it out of Freezer Paper.
Iron the freezer paper onto the shirt.
It melts the waxy surface and makes a seal on the shirt for a perfectly crisp stencil.
I gave my son some dark green paint and had him fill in the question mark.
The green wasn't quite dark enough, so we added in some black.
Let it dry for a few minutes and then peel off the freezer paper.  Let the shirt dry completely.
Add a brown hat and some khaki shorts for the perfect Soos cosplay costume.  My son wears his shirt around town and I am often surprised how many people recognize it!  Have you seen Gravity Falls?
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