Buffalo Plaid Heart Iron-On Vinyl on a Faux Leather Tote Bag DIY

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I am part of Cricut's blogger program and received supplies from them. All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links included.Using Cricut Maker and EasyPress to make a unique bag with a buffalo plaid heart ironed on it.

Buffalo Plaid Heart Iron-On Vinyl on a Faux Leather Tote Bag DIY

Hey friends, have you ever put iron-on vinyl on a faux leather bag?  It's exciting that iron-on vinyl can be used on so many non-conventional surfaces.  I love this Buffalo Plaid heart that I designed, it's perfect for a bag update this time of year.  Iron-on works great on a pleather tote because it won't be washed as often as a shirt and stays in pristine shape much longer.
You will need:
Red Everyday Vinyl
Black Everyday Vinyl
Cricut Machine
EasyPress Mat
Cricut Protective Sheet
Faux Leather Tote
Buffalo Plaid Heart Files

I did this pattern on a t-shirt previously, so if you want the free heart pattern files, click here.

Right click to save off the files and load them into Cricut Design Space™.  Insert them into a canvas at the same time so the sizes stay true to each other.  Then size them down or up to the desired size at the same time as well.  Simple, then have your machine cut the iron on.  No need to mirror, because they work either direction.  Once cut, remove the excess vinyl from the shape.
Place the EasyPress mat inside the tote.  Warm up your EasyPress.  I love the EasyPress, and now the EasyPress 2 makes life so much more awesome!  Set the EasyPress to the setting for the vinyl and the surface.  Check this link here.
Place the Red Heart on the bag first, with the carrier sheet facing up.
Cover the iron-on with the protective sheet.
Then press the EasyPress on the heart for the specified amount of time.  I did low heat for about 10 seconds less than recommended, because I am layering.
Let the iron-on cool down completely and then gently peel off the carrier sheet.  It's not totally adhered, but we have another layer and more heat on the way!
Then place down the plaid portion right on top of the heart.
And again, place the sheet on top.  I set my heat up to the recommended heat 300* and pressed for 30 seconds.  Don't press super hard, or it can smoosh the leather "spotty" finish on the bag.  Just gentle pressure.
Then let the vinyl cool down completely to a cold peel.  Peel back the carrier sheet and make sure it's adhered well...or reheat and repeat.
Now it's ready to rock!  This bag would make a great handmade "touched" gift.  I love upgrading and customizing store bought gifts.  Or just fill it with essentials and carry it around town!
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