Marbled Paper Notebook DIY Tutorial!

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 Marbled Paper Notebook DIY Tutorial!
I love notebooks, paper, pens...basically all office and back to school supplies.
When I was 11 my parents gave me a ream of white paper for my birthday, it was the greatest gift ever.  I loved having all that freedom of paper at my disposal.  I still love all things paper and notebooks.  This DIY is so fun and a great way to personalize school supplies!
 You will need:
Kraft Paper notebooks (I found mine at a thrift store, they had a logo that I covered with white paint)
Easy Marble paint
(I got the Starter set and Pink, Aqua and Violet too)
Disposable tray that will fit the notebooks (I used a foil pan)
Pin, paper towels
Vinyl word art.
 Start by filling the pan with water, half way full.
Then open all the jar lids.  This goes fast and sets quickly, so there is not time to open the bottles while you go.
 Drop in a drop of black, then white, then aqua then green...all right in the center like a bullseye.
 Add some pink...
 Just a drop or 2.
 Add several colors then use the pin to swirl and move the paint around.
The colors will not blend, not even a if you want the color on the finished product, drop it in.  Work quickly.
 Then open the notebook and place the cover carefully right in the paint and water.
 Lift out quickly and place a paper towel inside the front cover to prevent drips while it dries.
Then repeat over and over!  It is such a fun and highly addicting craft!
 Let them dry completely.  Next I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut GOLD foil vinyl with words I like...Joy, gratitude, THOU-GHTS, etc.  Use transfer tape to apply them to the cover.
 Then fill with thoughts, moments of daily gratitude, notes during church or other moments of inspiration.  Sketch or doodle and enjoy!
 Give to friends, school teachers, etc.
 You won't want to stop!
Have you ever marbled anything?
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AguaGirl said…
This is awesome!!!!