Bed and Breakfast--You Make Both--Funny Guest Room Wood Sign

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Bed and Breakfast--You Make Both--Funny Guest Room Wood Sign
I saw this phrase on a sign about 8 years ago and I loved it.  It is the perfect sign to hang in the guest room.  It is funny and fancy.  It's super easy to make too!
Let me tell you how I feel about Hobby Lobby.  It was about 12 years ago that I went to my first Hobby Lobby.  We had a friend that asked if we (my hubby and I) wanted to go with him to pick up some stuff.  We went.  When those doors opened, lights poured out from the heaven and angels sang.  What was this glorious place?  I scoured and searched the entire store in utter and complete amazement.  It's like the store I always wanted as a child...and an adult.  Since then my love of Hobby Lobby has never changed.  In fact, we moved 2 times with the Military and at each of our bases, the FIRST thing I checked online was how far was the closest Hobby Lobby.  Thankfully, everywhere I've lived they were within 30 minutes.  I know there is online shopping, but there is something so fun about wondering those aisles.  Hobby Lobby is about 20 minutes drive from my house now and that's awesome...but guess what!?  They are building a Hobby Lobby down the street from seriously, 3 miles away!  I'm so lucky, it's like they new I bought a house here.  It's my Hobby Lobby.  It's scheduled to open on the last day of July.
I'm so excited!  Is there a Hobby Lobby near you?  
 Alright, let's make this sign!
I used amazing Color Shift Paint by Plaid Crafts.  It shimmers and shines in the light.
You will need:
Wood Surface (Woodpile Fun from Hobby Lobby)
It is already white washed, but you could get any piece of wood and paint it with Plaid's new Pickling wash!  It's like paint/stain for wood.  It's this look exactly!
Electronic cutting machine
FolkArt ® Color Shift™ Acrylic Paint (Aqua Flash)
Stencil paintbrush
 I first made a png image of the text I wanted.
I love the fancy curls.
You can use my image too, for personal use.
Right click to save off and then use the png in any cutting software you have.
If you don't have a cutter, no fear.  Just print it out, use carbon paper to transfer it onto the wood and paint it by hand.
 I used an electronic cutting machine to cut it out to size on vinyl.
The vinyl is just used as a stencil, so it doesn't matter the color.
Now, instead of weeding out the negative space, you will weed out the positive space.
All the parts you want painted.
 Once done, place transfer tape over the top, rub with squeegee and then remove the vinyl backing.
 Place on the wood sign and rub gently with the squeegee, then remove the transfer tape.
I used painters tape anywhere the paintbrush might get too close to the wood surface edges.
 FolkArt ® Color Shift™ Acrylic Paint is so much fun.
Squeeze some out on a palette or a bit of the vinyl backing just peeled off.
 Tap the stencil brush into the paint and dab it off on the palette.
You don't want the paintbrush loaded with paint or it can seep under the vinyl stencil.
 Dab up and down on all the positive space.
The FolkArt ® Color Shift™ Acrylic Paint has some texture when applying this way, so apply a second coat.
 Then let the paint dry.
This point is arguable.  Some people like to remove paint and stencils while wet...but honestly, this is just asking for wet paint to smear everywhere!  So let it dry.
 Then peel the vinyl in a corner.  Peel it back over the top of itself, like it's rolling over itself.
 Now admire!  This sign is perfection!  Bed and Breakfast--you make both!
I'm absolutely thrilled...the thick paint makes the words raised and pop.
This would make a great gift for a hostess too!
 Don't you love it?  Do you have the perfect place for a sign like this?
Get to Hobby Lobby and pick up the supplies to make one!
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