Applying Vinyl Decal Sticker to stuff...

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6:00 AM
Sometimes I assume that people know how to do everything
 I know how to do...and I don't usually go over basics.
So if you don't know how to apply vinyl, this is for you.
If you do, let me know if you have tips you'd recommend.

If you are applying decal to a car...
clean the surface off with rubbing alcohol.

Start with your vinyl decal
Peel off the vinyl backing paper

Position sticker where you want it...
Rub with a credit card...or library card
Be sure to rub the edges and corners well.

Gently pull back the transfer paper.
peel it back over the sticker...rather than pulling up.

Check corners and small pieces while you peel back,
rub with card again if necessary...


Same technique with applying vinyl to wood, walls or other surfaces...

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Unknown said…
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MsPenguin said…
Could you please tell me where you got that lovely vinyl sticker? Please? (:
Unknown said…
It is indeed a lovely vinyl sticker... Hope you can share it with use if where did you got that sticker? stickers canada
Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing ideas...I just got a cricut machine and your website is helpful as I am a beginner with no computer knowledge...your site is helpful.