Tribal Leather Planter Paper Succulents with Cricut Explore Air 2

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I was provided a Cricut Explore Air 2 from Cricut.
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 Tribal Leather Planter with Paper Succulents using Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine

I love paper crafts.  I love not killing plants.
I love Cricut.  I am part of Cricut's blogger program.  I receive products for posts.
They are a terrific company and I love their products!
Let's do a Custom and Make it Now project!
Make it now projects are so simple.  Just click the one you like and it will tell you what to put in, when to change products, and whatever else the project requires.  They are awesome!
I selected the crayon holder/drawing page.
It had me put in the desired pen in the accessory port.
 It drew the pen, then cut it out!
Ready to go, just like that!
Let's do another!
This succulent tribal pot project is partly "make it now" and part custom.
 I have been exploring the pen properties of the Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine.
So many possibilities.
The pen inserts into it's own slot--meaning you can still cut at the same time!
I placed a piece of 2 mm pebble leather on my cutting mat and set it to draw this
tribal background with the 2.0 calligraphy pen.
FYI: if you are doing a project that the tracks will drag through the ink and smudge it everywhere,
set your material an inch in on the mat, then adjust where it's drawing in Cricut design space.
This way you won't smear.
For this project, it's fine.
Now, because this marker is not permanent, it will continue to smear.
Take it outside and spray it with a clear coat varnish.
You will need a ceramic or tera cotta pot.
Make a pattern for the pot with a piece of paper.
Roll it out on the paper, drawing the lines as you go.  Then cut it.
Wrap it around and adjust as necessary.
Cut it about 1/4 inch smaller than the pot.
Now use your pattern to cut the leather.
Take a gold marker and fill in some sections of the tribal pattern.
Use a crop-a-dile to punch 4 holes on each side.
The holes are enough, but you can set grommets if you want!

I love the look of them.
Next you will need to cut your succulents and leaves with your Cricut.
I used Lia Griffith's collection.  They are not included with Cricut access, but are wonderful.
They are a gorgeous "Make it Now" project--just cut and assemble!

I did a reduced size of these succulents and drew them with the pen tool...
then cut immediately after.  I like the green detail on the tips!
Stack them up from biggest to smallest and hot glue them together.
Make a bunch of succulents or flowers...then you can attach them to a wreath
Or make a planter!
Next I used some twine to lace up this pot cover.
Just tied like shoes.
And fit around the pot and tied tight in a square knot.
Then I put a styrofoam ball into the pot.
I cut a small circle of leather and hot glued all the succulent pieces on it.
With a few rocks glued to the base.
Then filled the pot with pebbles, with a dip in the center.
I squeezed in a puddle of hot glue.

And set the leather circle rocks right on it, pressing it in the pot.
Then hot glue the big succulent right on top!
I love paper succulents!  I love the pops of gold, the different colors of leaves...
and of course, the leather tribal pot cover!

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