Mandalorian Baby Yoda Wood Cut Out DIY

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Make a Baby Yoda from the Star Wars series the Mandalorian out of wood, Cricut machine, vinyl and acrylic paint. Perfect for parties, crafts, cosplay and home decor!

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Wood Cut Out DIY!

Are you watching the Mandalorian Season 3?

Gonna be honest, I feel like it's been hijacked and polluted, like most I'm not enjoying it as much as season one, so let's focus on the fun that was baby yoda.

Disney Plus was launched in November 2019 and with that came the Mandalorian series. This 8 episode series shows the Mandalorian acquire the bounty target, a 50 year old, which turns out to be this adorable little baby Yoda. The Mandalorian feels like a Western, Space Cowboy, kind of show...but I love it.

Star Wars crafts are my favorite and the Mandalorian is no exception. Make the asset, the child, the nameless Yoda baby, or baby Yoda...out of upcycled wood, Cricut cutting machine, permanent vinyl, Plaid Folk Art Acrylic craft paint and a couple hours.

The real star of the show and the reason we're going to keep watching the Mandalorian--is this cute little child, named Baby Yoda by the entire internet, and revealed as Grogu (but we call him baby GooGoo). If you want to be sucked into an internet search, go ahead and look at Baby Yoda memes.

I knew that I needed to have some baby Yoda in my life too. Look at him with his cup of hot choccy. It's perfection. Check out this cute little tote bag too!

Baby Yoda The Child from Star Wars the Mandalorian Layered Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Tote Bag DIY with Baby Yoda by Doodlecraft Template Download Coloring Book page, black and white outline, svg file, free download image inspired by Disney's Star Wars Mandalorian

I hired my amazing daughter to draw me the perfect black outline of baby Yoda. I wanted it to be simple enough for coloring pages, shirts or for painting like this wood cut out I did. You can buy the file here: Baby Yoda SVG Download

baby yoda, the asset, the child, green alien from the Star Wars Mandalorian series on Disney + plus.

Supplies Needed:

Star Wars crafts are my favorite and the Mandalorian is no exception. Make the asset, the child, the nameless Yoda baby, or baby Yoda...out of upcycled wood, Cricut cutting machine, permanent vinyl, Plaid Folk Art Acrylic craft paint and a couple hours.

Step 1: Cut out and Trace

This cute Baby Yoda cut out is made as accurately as I could, measuring 16 inches tall. The vinyl was cut in 2 halves to fit the cutting mat.

I uploaded the design to Cricut Design Space and cut it out of permanent black vinyl. Then I used the outline of the vinyl and mounted it on the wood. Vinyl stretches, so work carefully not to stretch the vinyl when applying it to keep the shape as close as possible.

Make a Baby Yoda wood cut out with vinyl on some upcycled wood.

Then trace the outline around the vinyl with a pencil.

Trace the vinyl outline of baby yoda on some upcycled wood.

Then remove the vinyl to reveal a baby yoda outline.

Outline in pencil of baby yoda on some upcycled wood.

Step 2: Outline

Next use the compass with the pencil in place about an inch from the point. Then hold the point on the pencil line while making a new outline an inch out. This gives a great border so cuts and vinyl placement don't have to be so precise.

Use a circle drawing compass to make a bigger outline around the baby yoda penciled outline.

Now this wood cut out is ready to cut out!

How to make a Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian series a wood cut out for home decor or parties

Step 3: Cut out with JigSaw

I enlisted the help of my hunky husband. I didn't really need help, but it's fun for us to do projects together, so I like to let him help where he can. Plus, it's easier to take pictures of the process. We went outside to use the jigsaw to cut it out.

Cut Baby Yoda out of wood using a jigsaw

Step 4: Routing

Next he rounded off the wood edges with a router. Sandpaper works too!

Round the corners of baby Yoda cut out of wood with a router.

And finished up with the grinder for some light sanding. Again, just sanding after cutting works great.

Sand the edges of the Baby Yoda wood cutout with a grinder.

If you really want a baby yoda cut out but don't want the hassle of tools, get some foam core board and make it on that instead!

How to make a baby yoda from the Star Wars Series the Mandalorian out of wood.

Step 5: Prep for Vinyl

Okay, now lightly erase the bulk of the pencil lines before placing the vinyl down. Despite my best efforts, lining up the vinyl perfectly is erasing the dark lines first is easier before...however leave a faint line.

Use a Tombow MONO eraser to erase the pencil lines from the baby Yoda outlined wood cut out.

The 2 halves of the vinyl have been weeded then trimmed down the sides to fit close together.

Baby Yoda crafts are the best! Cut the baby yoda image out of permanent black vinyl. Then weed the excess vinyl from the negative space.

Cut around the vinyl and line it up on the board to see how it fits. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this fit!

Baby Yoda crafts inspired by Star Wars the Mandalorian Disney Plus series

Step 6: Vinyl

Next, place half of the vinyl cut out on the table and then roll the transfer tape over the top, smoothing with a brayer while you go.

Use transfer tape to transfer the vinyl to the wood cut out of baby yoda.

Use the scraper tool to press the vinyl on the transfer tape.

Use the Cricut tools and scraper to transfer the vinyl to the wood cut out.

Then remove the backing of the vinyl and little half yoda is ready to apply to the board.

Star wars crafts are a geeky favorite around here and this baby yoda is no exception. Peel the backing off the vinyl.

Do your best to line it up. I pressed it down too hard at this point...slightly too close on the left side...and didn't want to risk tearing or ripping the vinyl, so I went with it slightly off.

Place the vinyl on the wood cut out for the perfect Baby Yoda party decoration

Then use the scraper to press the vinyl on the wood. Next, peel the transfer tape off the wood and vinyl carefully by rolling it over itself. Use the same transfer paper for the second half of baby yoda.

Baby Yoda vinyl transfer in 2 separate halves to make him 16 inches tall, just like in the Mandalorian disney + plus series.

Line up the second half with the first and repeat the process for adhering the vinyl to the wood.

Vinyl and wood Baby Yoda, just needs paint.

Use the True Control knife to trim any uneven parts in the vinyl.

Trim any uneven parts where the 2 halves of vinyl met together on the baby yoda wood cut out.

Step 7: Paint

Then get some neutrals and greens and get ready to paint this little cutie!

Folk Art Acrylic craft paint from Plaid is the perfect paint for coloring in Baby Yoda wood cut out.

I used an array of browns for the robe and the cup. Then a combo of green and blue for the baby skin with peachy pink ear insides.

Browns, pink and green are all you need to paint the perfect baby yoda.

Now color the image just like a coloring book! Add green to the skin of this cute baby space alien.

Begin by painting baby yoda's face green.

Then add pink to the inside of the giant pointy ears.

Baby yoda is the cutest!

Don't worry too much about staying in the lines. I wanted to make sure to get the paint all the way to the edges of the vinyl, which meant overlapping a bit. I've never been good at staying in the lines anyway.

Paint the inside of yoda's ears pink, the robe in shades of brown and the cup dark brown. Don't worry about going over the vinyl lines a little.

Step 8: Clean off Vinyl

Finally, finish off the piece by cleaning off the vinyl with a cotton swab. This part is very simple, the paint comes off the black shiny surface very easily...although I used about a dozen cotton swabs.

Use a cotton swab to clean up the vinyl lines on the baby yoda cut out.

This little Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian is perfect for parties or just for looking adorable as home decor.

Star Wars crafts are my favorite and the Mandalorian is no exception. Make the asset, the child, the nameless Yoda baby, or baby Yoda...out of upcycled wood, Cricut cutting machine, permanent vinyl, Plaid Folk Art Acrylic craft paint and a couple hours.

Remember these cute little droid cut outs I made a couple years ago...Baby Yoda fits in perfect with them! Here's the full post on them too!

R2D2 and BB8 Wood cut outs made with Cricut cut vinyl mounted on wood cut outs, then painted with acrylic craft paint. Star Wars crafts are fun and easy!

That's it!

Isn't this little Baby Grogu cut out just the cutest!? I love being able to make larger than mat cut outs that are sturdy for parties, home decor and years to come.

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How to make a Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian Disney+ series out of wood. Cut out the wood, add permanent vinyl cut with the Cricut machine, then paint the asset in green, pink and browns. All he needs is Mando to watch over him. Perfect for home decor or Mandalorian Birthday Party decorations.

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Mona said…
Love the baby Yoda! Would love to get in on your Instagram giveaway, however, because I am old, not sure how to once I get to Instagram! But hey can't all win!
Ali said…
He is adorable!! Baby Yoda (we refuse to call him "The Child") is the sweetest and we love every time he is on the screen. We can't wait to visit Disney World in May and have the chance to buy some merchandise. Until then I will make this super cute project!