Vinyl kind of day!

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10:30 AM
I have wanted to vinyl up my Kitchenaid 
for a REALLY long time!
Yesterday, I found my new Silhouette blade, 
so I got to work!
I chose a super swirly pattern--I love it!
 It will look great sitting on my 
industrial teacart...once I make that.
 The actual reason I got so "vinyl inspired" was because 
of the Kirby Vacuum salesmen...they've been 
here twice now...and lots of other salesmen. 
 So I did the no soliciting sign...
 It actually should read:
We're Mormons
We have wood floors
We never clean
We only buy cookies from minors.

And then since the vinyl was being cut
 for the mixer, I threw on a couple other 
designs to use excess space.
 Even the car got in on the action.  Well played.


MStevenson said…
So jealous of your mixer! seriously. I've tried to convince mark that you can paint it.
Suzan said…
Do you make the vinyls for the mixers to sell? I'd love one.

Also did you do the no soliciting on the silhouette and the beautiful black designs?

Love your stuff!
Aubrey said…
Can you tell me where you got your file for the vinyl? I really like it!
ariannRa said…
I agree with Aubrey! Could you share where you got that pretty swirly pattern?