Unicorn Iron-on Vinyl Baseball Hat with Cricut!

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Unicorn Iron-on Vinyl Baseball Hat with Cricut!
Make the perfect Unicorn horn and flower crown by ironing it right onto a baseball hat!  Unicorns are all the rage...is it because they are so beautiful, magical or misunderstood?  Maybe just because they are cute!
Have you tried putting vinyl on a cap before?  It is easy and super cute!  Normally I never wear hats, I just don't think they look good on me...but this one is pretty cute!
You will need:
Cricut Maker
EasyPress 2 small
Baseball hat
Cricut Glitter Iron-on Vinyl in Green, gold, purple and pink
This Unicorn Horn file on Cricut Design Space
Place the iron-on vinyl shiny side down on the mat, in the order that Design Space is asking for them.  Then cut them out.
The image is only 3 inches tall to fit on the front of a hat, so the pieces are small, weed them carefully.
Now get the hat ready to vinyl.  Roll a bath towel up and place the hat around it.  Place the EasyPress mat in between the hat and the towel.
Place the horn on the hat about 1.5 inches above the bill.
Then press the EasyPress right on it for the recommended time mins 10 seconds.  Check the settings list here.  Since it will be ironed over several times, it needs less time at first.
Then place the flowers and cover with a teflon sheet and iron again.  Repeat with each part of the Unicorn horn motiff.
Finish off with the leaves, same as before.
Let it cool down and it's ready to wear!  It's a great alternative to a Unicorn horn headband or crown!
Maybe even I'll start wearing hats! 
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