Cricut Infusible Ink Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY!

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 Cricut Infusible Ink Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY!

Cricut Infusible ink coasters actually make great Christmas tree ornaments too! These cute ornaments are a great way to remember and memorialize fun memories from the year. I think Christmas ornaments are a glimpse of Christmas past.

Have you used Cricut Infusible ink before? The results are stunning! Check out this cute Tote Bag post I did on learning how to use Infusible ink.
How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY, tropical flower pattern infusible ink transfer with word Sun Shine in calligraphy

These infusible ink ornaments didn't iron out completely sharp...but I actually love the way the edges look feathered!

Just one darling ornament is perfect for a gift, for the tree or even as a gift topper!

Every year we decorate our Christmas tree a little bit different. I still have a box of sentimental ornaments that are precious memories. You know the little school picture ones, hand prints, macaroni angels and lots of odd, mis-matched glass ornaments. I love adding special ornaments to my collection too.

Do you collect Christmas tree ornaments? Do you get a new one each year?

Supplies Needed for Cricut Infusible Ink Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Cricut Cutting Machine
Cricut Infusible Ink
Cricut Infusible Ink Coasters
Cricut EasyPress 2 Small
Hot Glue/Gun

These infusible ink coasters are a heavy weight, ceramic-like, circle tiles. They are 3.5 inches across. I cut the Christmas tree outlines to be 3 inches tall to fit the space perfectly.

Begin by picking a design on Cricut Design Space that you love. I typed "silhouette" in the search bar and found these fun Christmas tree outlines. Then added the year and a Merry Christmas, then sliced the words and images together.

Next place the infusible ink, colored side up, on the mat and cut them out...with the MIRROR button on!

Clean the coasters off with a lint free cloth or use a lint roller.

Peel off the excess Infusible Ink from the cut design. It peels off like a sticker.

Use the hook tool to weed the Infusible ink from the words as well.

Then place the design ink side down on the coaster.

Cover with the butcher paper included with the transfer sheets. Work on a firm surface, not on an EasyPress mat.

Then press with the EasyPress 2, set at 400* for 40 seconds. Hold firm pressure, but don't stand on it.

Then remove the EasyPress, remove the paper and lift off the transfer. The Infusible ink will be bright and vibrant. It really should have sharp, crisp edges, but it came out looking feathered. In this instance, I like it better!

Repeat for as many ornaments as desired. I did the whole coaster pack of 4.

Then heat up the hot glue gun and cut four 6 inch ribbon pieces. This ribbon is 5/8 inch wide and gold glitter. I got it at Dollar Tree.

Hot glue the ribbon in a loop (like an awareness ribbon) and glue it to the back of the coaster.

That's really all there is to it! The hot glue seems to hold it just fine. E6000 glue in addition to the hot glue would make it stronger, but I haven't had any issues with mine.

Then hang the Infusible ink Christmas tree ornament on the tree.

This 2019 Infusible ink Christmas tree coaster turned out perfectly, and sadly, I don't like it as much as the other 3...but you be the judge of that.

Make a set of Christmas ornaments for a handmade gift! Even with the ribbon loops, they can be used as coasters. They can be attached to the top of a present for a nice, handmade touch. They would make a great neighbor gift too.

That's it!

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