Breast Cancer Awareness "I am a Fighter" Water Bottle DIY with Cricut #CricutStrongBond

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  Affiliate links included.  All opinions are my own.Make a great gift for a breast cancer fighter with Cricut iron on vinyl in glittery pink, the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 small.

 Breast Cancer Awareness "I am a Fighter" Water Bottle DIY with Cricut

Do you know a fighter?  Chances are, we all do.  Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women, 12.4%.  My mom got the breast cancer diagnosis when I was 11, she was only 45.  It was a long, hard road of treatments and illness, hair falling out, pain, nausea and you name it.  I was immediately put in as the "woman" in charge and my responsibilities included making sack lunches for the family and helping with dinner.  Her cancer backed off for 4 years and we enjoyed many happy memories before it returned, ultimately taking her life when I was almost 17.  I bet you have a story too.
Gift idea for someone fighting with breast cancer, other gift and memory ideas.
Let's make a gift for a fighter!  A water bottle is an awesome gift, because there is such an urgency to always be drinking water.  Bundle it with some flowers and chocolates and you have the perfect gift.  I know that making this isn't going to save the world, but it might brighten someone's day--and that's worth the effort!
You will need:
Cricut Maker
Cricut EasyPress 2 small
Iron on Glitter Vinyl in Pink
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Cricut Iron-on Protection Sheet
Cricut Tools
I am a Fighter Ribbon File
Check out these amazing Breast Cancer Awareness images!
The Cricut Design Space™ file is sized at 2.5 inches wide to fit the width of my water bottle.  It's small but completely visible.  Just select it here: I am a Fighter Ribbon File.
Then place the glitter iron on vinyl on the mat upside down, so the pink glitter is touching the mat.  Then mirror the image and set the Maker to cut at the Glitter Iron-on setting.
Before removing the mat from the Maker, make sure visually that the iron on is cut.  Then remove it from the machine, peel the mat away from the vinyl and cut out the image.
Use the weeding tool to remove any excess vinyl.  Make sure to get inside all the loopy letters.
Turn it over and visually inspect for issues.
Now it is ready to adhere to the water bottle.  Have you ever put iron-on vinyl on a metal water bottle!?  It's amazing what this small EasyPress 2 can do.  You will need the EasyPress set to 330* (not 305* as pictured).  Get that protective sheet ready too.
The EasyPress 2 is amazing and heats up very rapidly.  It's only 6x9 inches, so it is perfect for hats, cosmetic bags and loads of other small mugs and waterbottles.
Place the Iron on vinyl on the water bottle, then tightly wrap the protective sheet around it.
Hold the wrapped bottle with one hand and press the EasyPress 2 on the vinyl area with the other hand.  Go slowly and roll the waterbottle so that each area of the vinyl gets 15 seconds of heat and pressure.
Then remove the protective sheet and check out the vinyl.  If there are edges that need more ironing, do it now.  This was because I originally set my EasyPress 2 at too low of a setting.  I amped it up and all is well.
Once the vinyl is partially adhered, you can use the EasyPress 2 directly on the plastic carrier sheet.
Remove the carrier sheet and wipe down the bottle with rubbing alcohol to remove any of your finger prints.  Now it's ready to use!
A note to anyone that is fighting right now:  If I had the technology of today I would have made all the videos I could of my mommy.  Her telling stories and jokes, her reminiscing of her childhood, what it was like to be pregnant, what she remembered of raising me, what she would want to tell my future husband, what she would want to say to her future grandkids...all the things.  I would have her sign her name and write "I love you".
Don't give up--Be a fighter!  My heart aches for everyone that is dealing with the C word.  You got this!
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Laura said…
Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me of what truly matters.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this is awesome! The timing is also perfect! I am working on water bottles for the cancer survivors at my church and was doing something very similar just different wording. I need your expertise please i was going to try it with just regular vinyl....would you think it would be ok? What tips and pointers do you have for me.
Thank you so much!