Glass Etched Watercolor Wall Art

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Glass Etched Watercolor Wall Art
Scatter Sunshine with a custom piece of art.  I love the hymn "Scatter Sunshine", I love the visual of scattering the sunshine all along your way.  I also love etching things on glass, this is a fun project that makes a great gift or custom decor piece.
You will need:
Glass and fram
Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream
Vinyl cut out with the positive space removed
Painters tape
I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut vinyl, then I used the hook tool to remove the positive space, making it a stencil. Then use painters tape to tape around the vinyl and the glass.
Use the etching cream and add right on the glass letters showing through the vinyl.
Let the cream sit on the glass for 15 minutes.  Then use a spatula tool to remove the cream.  The cream can be put right back in the bottle for using again, or discarded.
Then wash off the cream with a damp cloth and remove the vinyl completely.
Wash off again, revealing the etched lettering.
Now cut a piece of watercolor paper the size of the frame.  Add loads of water and touches of colors.
I used sunshine and sky colors and made a fun image.
Let the watercolor dry and then put it in the frame under the etching.
Hang up and enjoy!
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gmanshk said…
I love this idea. I read your blog everyday. I don't always stop by to comment. Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent.