Watercolor Vinyl Calligraphy Cricut Explore Air 2

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Watercolor Vinyl Calligraphy with Cricut Explore Air 2

Do you love the Calligraphy/Hand Lettering craze?  It's like the new chevron, right!?  I love it.  I love writing but I've wasted so much paper making mistakes and smudging it right at the end...it can be a little frustrating!

But first:
Let's talk about the Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
The Cricut is an electronic cutter for home use.  It hooks to your computer through a usb cord or using bluetooth and an app on your ipod or iphone. 

How is it different than other cutting machines?
I've only used a Silhouette Cameo and the Cricut Explore Air 2.
I love my Cricut, I use it nearly every day.

Cricut has a far superior machine than any other one I've used.  I love the built in storage and the dual tool holder.  I love the speed cut option as well...especially if you are in a hurry for a project and it's not super detailed--or it's a bulk project, you can speed it up for faster work.

I have had some learning curve getting used to the software, personally it's not my favorite.  If you have never used other cutting software or photoshop, it's super simple.  I think I'm coming from a more complicated realm of software to the Cricut Design Space, so I have to remember how simple it is.

The best part about the software is the undo button.  Seriously, just press all the buttons.  Nothing will explode or ruin your project.  If you aren't sure what something does, test it out!  If it's not the effect you want, just click the "undo" button.  Easy peasy.  There is nothing simpler than learning this software.

If you want to work on multiple projects (like work on another project while one is cutting) just open a new browser tab and Cricut Design Space and start working there.

That's what I did here and I'll show you how.

Here's a great project you can do whether you do lettering or not.
These are so simple to make and they look gorgeous!

Begin by taping some watercolor paper down to your work surface using painters tape.

Then use water and paint to create a fun watercolor wash.

I love watercolors, they are so fun.
Just splash and splatter colors all over and then let them dry completely.
Keep them taped down until they are dry to prevent paper warping.

Now you can letter right on the paper...but this is fast and easy for those of us that don't letter.

Take the png image and upload it into Cricut Design Space. Select the "simple"

 Then save as a cut file.

 Then insert into the canvas.  Scale it to the size you want and then click make it!

Just place the foil on the cutting mat and insert into the machine.
Click the "Cricut" go button.

I love the shimmery foil.

Remove from the mat, cut to size, remove excess vinyl.
Place a piece of transfer tape on top of the vinyl and rub with the scraper tool.

Peel off the backing and place, slightly skewed on the watercolor paper.
Rub with the scraper tool.

Then peel back the transfer tape and roll it over itself to remove it.

Looks shiny and awesome!

I repeated with the holographic vinyl.
I love this holographic vinyl...it's opal, so it's an array of blues and pinks and golds.

It's so much fun.

This makes a great gift!
So simple and easy to throw together in a few minutes!

I love putting a "choose happy" where my kids can see it, so they remember that it is their choice everyday.

And some fun patriotic decor!

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Rachie54 said…
Hi!! Love this idea! I tried myself but the transfer paper destroyed my painting! Maybe cause I didn’t use “watercolor paper”? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
Unknown said…
Where did you get the frames for your designs?
Doodlecraft said…
Some transfer paper is very sticky and will destroy any paper you press it on. Press the transfer paper against your shirt to pick up some lint before using it...and that can help a little.
Doodlecraft said…
The frames are from the thrift store and then painted gold.
shine00024 said…
Hello! I was so hoping you would share which watercolors you use for this project!
Doodlecraft said…
Of course! These are Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors, here's the link: https://amzn.to/2QDlKCF
What if we adhere the lettering to the glass in the frame? Would that give a nice 3D/shadow effect? I'm going to try.

Thanks for this tutorial!
Unknown said…
So how do you know what fonts are legal to use for your sellable pieces??
Doodlecraft said…
If you are selling pieces, you should buy a font with a commercial license. Check out TheHungryjpeg for some great options. :)