Resin Craft Ideas: 45 Cool Things to Make with Resin!

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Resin Craft Ideas: 45 Cool Things to Make with Resin!

Have you played with resin yet?  It's so much fun!  There are a bunch of different kinds of resin and these project feature several different kinds.  I love working with resin and am constantly dreaming up new projects using the medium.  I love the effect of clear EasyCast resin--it's great for making paperweights, bookends, knobs and more.  Nothing is as shiny and satisfying to look at as high gloss resin coating a surface.  It's fun to press trinkets and items into jewelry resin clay.  Even though EasySculpt is sticky--it works great powdered with a little baby powder!  Resin is super versatile and surprisingly easy to work with.  Here's the resin I use and a bunch of projects to do with it!

Here's the resin I use and affiliate links for them.

For clear projects that are more than 1/4" thick use:

For quick projects that are opaque or white use:

For a thick glossy finish on projects use:

For Jewelry projects use:

For pressing things into resin clay use:

For Molding things out of Clay use:

Resin crafting is full of possibilities!  Check out these 43 crafts that are all made with resin.  Which one is your favorite?

I love #34!  #39 was the first resin project I did!  and I absolutely love #43!  They are all my favorite!

Clear resin paperweight embedded with a variety of pressed flowers and sitting on hand lettering as a ornamental desk piece

Using shades of blue paint to pour swirls and cells on a round bamboo serving tray, coated in high gloss resin.

Make your own crystals with EasyCast or FastCast resin.

Make a magical sleepy unicorn ring and jewelry dish for storage or a handmade gift

Acrylic paint pouring diy with rainbow colors on canvas

Make a darling monogram necklace with a pendant bezel and jewelry resin

Make geometric place card holders with fastcast resin and gold leaf

Make a glitter tumbler with cricut vinyl and high gloss resin, great for a gift

Collect husks and insect bodies to encase in clear casting resin perfect for specimens, study and S.T.E.A.M. camp crafts

Tell me in the comments which project is your favorite!
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