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Hi, I'm Natalie 

I am Natalie Shaw from the doodlecraft blog!  

Pretty sure my love of crafting was prenatal. 
 My mom was crafty and fun, 
and I've inherited that from her...along with her nose. 
I've been blogging for just over about 3 years 
now and love the DIY blog world, I just soak up ideas like a sponge!  
My wonderful husband and my 3 kids are
 my partners in crime.  We all do projects together.  
We love parties, decorations, Halloween, furniture building, upcycling, 
roadside rescue and redo's...
I love photography and blogging...
it's the perfect medium for capturing of all 
my creative endeavors in an easy to find format! 
Contact me with questions or comments:
maildoodlecraft @

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