Harry Potter Butterbeer Bar: Italian Soda/Dirty Drinks with Torani!

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Use Torani syrups to create the perfect butterbeer, using butterscotch or butter rum
Harry Potter Butterbeer Italian Soda with Torani!
One of the best sounding items from Harry Potter is Butterbeer...it's a creamy, delightful dessert drink--that the Hogwarts crew cannot get enough of!  There's a million ways to make it, some more complicated than others...but I'm going to show you the Italian Soda/Dirty Drink version.  It's so simple and just takes 3 ingredients...all non-alcoholic.
You will need:
Torani Syrup in Butter Rum or Butterscotch
(I was not compensated for these syrups, I bought them myself)
Cream Soda
Half & Half
We tested the Butter Rum and the Butterscotch.  4 out of 5 of us prefer the Butter Rum.  Butterscotch has a very sweet flavor with a sweet beverage.  Butter Rum has a deeper undertone.  So we pick the Butter Rum, but maybe let your guests decide!
Add 1 pump of syrup
7-8 ounces of Cream Soda
1 Tablespoon of half & half
The half in half swirls and does a little dance before clouding the drink and making it creamy.
This is by far the simplest Butterbeer recipe out there!  This is a great soda bar for a Harry Potter movie night party or for the release of the next Fantastic Beasts movie in November!  Serve it with some chocolate frogs or Bertie Bots every flavor beans.
Come back tomorrow for the full mini party!
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Recipes for butter beer using Torani syrups for the simplest Harry Potter party treat!

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