Hogwarts House Banner DIY! Harry Potter Week!

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Hogwarts House Banner DIY!  Harry Potter Week!
You will need the perfect banner for the backdrop of your party!
These would also be cool as decor in a bedroom!
They are easy to make!
 First off, you need the crest logo for each house.
These are the best I could find and then I slightly altered them.
Right click to save off, personal use only.  Property of Harry Potter, etc.

 I printed them off my home printer in "best" color onto cardstock.
Then cut them out with a small border.
 Next, I laminated them.
This part is optional, I just wanted mine to last longer.
 Next I used big pieces of black felt and hot glued the logo on them.
They are about 11 by 14" and cut with a point at the bottom.
 Here's the real fun part: the tassels.
I got these from Oriental Trading to review.

Colored Gigantic Felt Sheets
Round Goldtone Scarf End Caps (they come in silver too)
 Cut the felt in half the long way.
You will need one piece per tassel.
 Cut the edge of the felt about every 1/2 inch leaving a 1/2 inch border on the edge.
 Add a strip of hot glue down that side.
 Then roll up the felt tightly.
 Make sure the end cap fits on, trim if necessary...I didn't have to do a thing.
Then add a blob of hot glue to the end and place the end cap down over the felt.
 It looks fabulous!
 These are so much fun!
One of each house color!
Red for Gryffindor, Green for Slytherin, Yellow for Hufflepuff, and Blue for Ravenclaw!
 Now just hand sew them to the point of the banner, just like you would sew on a button.
I used a grommet setter and put 2 grommets on each banner as well.
 Next, so the felt wouldn't buckle when hung, my daughter suggested
adding a stick to the top to keep it straight and tight.
I hot glued 2 tongue depressor/craft sticks to the top edge of each banner.
 Then just simply thread some twine through the holes and hang it on nails or hooks!
 It's perfect!  this pennant banner really set the tone for the backdrop of the party!

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  1. What kind of printer did you use to get such vibrant accurate color?

  2. Love it! thank you so much for bring us such good ideas! Hails from Perú :)

  3. Thank you very much for sharing! These would make excellent party decorations for my son's birthday!


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