$30 Dollar General Tween Room Makeover!

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I love to rearrange furniture.
I'm not crazy about cleaning...but if I move furniture around...I love cleaning up and organizing!
I love to buy a few new things and plan the room around them.
Especially this time of year...the sun is shining...deviously...because it's still too cold to swim.
So it's easy to get a little cabin fever...and spring cleaning is a good way to enjoy the indoors.
So let me explain my daughter's room.
She has a fabulous bunk bed with huge sliding drawers underneath for all her clothes.
When we moved in 2 years ago...I thought a "club house" feel for the top bunk would be fun.
We took the second mattress off and added a bean bag chair and toys.
I noticed that as she slept, she cranked her ceiling fan all night and slept on the edge
of her mattress on the bottom...the fact was, the top bunk prevented
her from taking advantage of her fan...and she was always too hot.
So with a simple rung and board removal, we just turned her bunk into an
open bed...almost a 4 poster...if it weren't for the ceiling fan...I
would have done some fun chiffon fabric and made a canopy. But she didn't have a nightstand.
She used a foot stool and a garage lamp to read at night...and there were books and
stuff all over her floor in the mornings.
We could solve this...easy!
Dollar General is the only store close to us...so we are there all. the. time.
But let's be honest...we would be even if we were surrounded by stores!
We went to Dollar General, they have a great section of fun home decor items!
I put my daughter in charge of our $30 budget.
Here's what we found!
3 Cube Organizer--only $15!
Crystal looking (plastic) lamp--$7
Polka Dot Lamp Shade--$5
Pink picture frame--only $3
Cube tote--$4
and of course, a Heart Shaped Lollipop--$1
Okay...it was $35...but we had a "Save $5 on a $25 purchase" coupon!
You can score the same coupon from Dollar General on Facebook!
So I call that a win!
It was so easy to put the organizer together!
Just needed a hammer and screwdriver.
Dowels hammer in the planks and fit into the sides...
And then screws in the preset holes into the planks.
Hammer on the backing and done!
The organizer tote boxes fit perfectly!
My daughter was thrilled that I let her do all the color coordinating and selections!
She feels so grown up now!
It's adorable and perfect!
It fits her stash of nighttime books...her favorite picture of her with a parrot perched
on her shoulder...and some fun stashed in the bottom tote...I love the lamp!
This $30 investment was the perfect touch to her room,
what an easy fix...and best part...she'll keep it clean for months--well at least until we move!

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