Dollar Tree Crafts: Spring Flower Hoop Wreath DIY

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 Dollar Tree: Spring Flower Hoop Wreath DIY

I love doing crafts with goodies from Dollar Tree.  There's one less than a mile from my house and I am there every week.  This wreath is perfect for Easter and all throughout Spring.  I don't decorate much for the holidays, but I love seasonal decor.  Spring flowers are my favorite, but since I am allergic, silk flowers are the best.  I love hoop wreaths, they are so simple and beautiful!

Let's get started!

You will need:
Hula Hoop
Cherry Blossom
Yellow Lillies
Floral Wire
Wire Clippers
Hot glue/gun
Copper spray paint
Lilac Gerbera Daisy bunch
Blue Gerbera Daisy bunch
Here's a video of the process if you prefer to learn this way, it's quick--check it out!

Begin by painting your hula hoop a shiny metallic color.  I went with copper.  Place outside or in a well ventilated garage, on some cardboard or a drop cloth.  Don't over spray or the paint will form drips down the hoop.  Let the paint dry completely and repeat for the other side.
Now it looks like a copper pipe wreath form and it's ready to use.  Seriously, this tricked my husband...he was shocked to learn it was made with a hula hoop!
Next you will need the floral wire and clippers.
Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long.  Then use the cherry blossom pick and twist the wire around the hoop and the flowers to secure them in place.
Just twist the wire around itself to get started and then loop it around the hoop.
Repeat the process on the other side of the hoop with the yellow flowers.
Wrap and twist---then wrap the flowers on the hoop tightly.
So far, so good!  I love the simplicity of the hoop wreath.
Next, clip the gerbera daisies at the top of the bundle.
Thread or weave the daisies between the wires, flowers and the hoop.  Mine stayed in place perfectly, but you may hot glue them if you want.
Remove one gerbera daisy from the stem and hot glue the head on the center of the stems.  This hides where the flowers and wire come together and finishes it off nicely.
Super easy and totally inexpensive!  $5 of supplies, plus paint and glue to make a darling Easter Spring wreath!  Super fast too...took me 7 minutes from start to finish.  Great craft for a Girl's Craft Night!
I love how simple and elegant it looks on my teal door!
Dollar Tree has darling Fairy Garden Supplies too!  I saw a few of these at my Dollar Tree and they are adorable!  But, there's one little house that is only available online...get the whole set for $15!

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