Wizard Wands with Gorilla Hot Glue!

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Wizard Magic Wands with Gorilla Hot Glue!
Have you seen that Gorilla Glue launched Hot Glue sticks at Walmart!?

 Gorilla Hot Glue features:
 5X more durable
Weather resistant--great for indoors or outdoor use
All temperature--use in high or low temperature guns
Strong bonding
Versatile--works on various surfaces--like glass and metal
Impact Tough

I decided it was time for a fun hot glue Project.
I use hot glue for everything.  
It's like the chocolate of the crafting world, it fixes everything!

And I will be the first to admit that I am in the mood for Halloween.
I love Halloween.
And no better way to get started than some fun wizarding magic wands.
Here's a short video that shows how completely simple this craft is!

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These wizard wands are so fun for kids to paint and decorate.
Older kids may be comfortable with a glue gun,
but best to have an adult make them for small kids.
I used a low temperature glue gun because I just need it to melt  
slightly for craft purposes...and because, gold!

Low temperature glue guns are great for bonding florals, fabric, foam, jewerly and more.
High temperatures are great for bonding wood, glass, metal, plastics and more.
These wands are just decorative with the glue so no bonding necessary.
I got a big bag of 75 mini Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks...it was around $8. 
Which is a fabulous price for that much glue!

I also used some Chinese takeout chopsticks that I had on hand.
(You could make these with dowels, pencils, sticks or even rolled up heavy weight paper)
Once the glue gun is plugged in it doesn't take too long to warm up, about 5 minutes.
I just swirled on the hot glue down the chopstick and let it dry.
I added extra hot glue to the top of the chopstick so it would look like a gem or something...you could glue a bead on the end if you are feeling fancy!
About 2 minutes and it is dry!
I love how it looks like a snake.  You could paint it to look like one!
 I repeated with the second chopstick the same.
You could get really creative with swirls, runes and spells!
Use a bigger dowel and you'll have lots of room for fun designs.
Don't you love my rig for letting the glue dry?
 Then I painted it brown with some acrylic craft paint.
I used 2 shades of brown, nutmeg and chocolate, to give it some depth.
It would look great with colors, gems or jewels, or even some gold leaf!
Let it dry, which on a hot day only takes minutes!
Ta-da!  Presto!  Expelliarmus!
Paint will stick on the hot glue better if sprayed with a top coat.
Great for Halloween parties, Harry Potter parties, favors, gifts, 
costumes, cosplay, or just because it is fun!

I throw a Halloween party every year and can't wait to showcase these fun wands!
Great way to wrap up the last bit of summer and get ready for Fall and all the spooky festivities!

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Unknown said…
This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!
Unknown said…
I made a bunch of these for an 11 year old birthday party, the kids loved them!