Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume!

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 Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume!

 One of my favorite Disney shows ever is Wreck-it Ralph!
"Who doesn't love a brat with dirty hair?"
Vanellope Von Schweetz...the Glitch, is such a loveable character!
And my daughter decided this is who she wanted to be for Halloween!

 Complete with Hair candy!  haha, get it?

It's a pretty simple costume and easy to DIY if you haven't planned that far ahead!
 Start: Costume Base
You will need a mint green hooded sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket,
(this was harder to find than expected...but we used could get a white one and dye it though)
You'll also need a brown skirt, mint leggings and black boots!
We totally lucked out on the brown skirt...because I had one in the donation pile!
I cut it the right length and gathered it to fit my girls waist with some elastic.
Check out thrift stores for a pleated brown skirt!
 We used HOT PINK paracord and a giant darning needle
and just threaded it right through the hoodie.  In the pocket...through the shirt, back through
 the shirt and then finished up going back through the pocket.
 It's pretty intense threading the paracord through the hoodie...easy
 does it so it doesn't tear the hoodie.
  After stitching the "X", I used a lighter and melted the paracord ends together.
 Using pliers to make sure they stay on their for good!
 Both stitches are melted together inside the kangaroo pocket.
One just has the X showing...the other has the 2 lines showing.
 Next, the mint leggings!
I cut 6 inch strips of cardboard and inserted them into the leggings.
 I used painters tape and taped off diagonal stripes on one side and stripes on the other.
 Painted all white!
 Let it dry, then come back and paint a thin stripe of purple on the wide stripes.
 Let dry and repeat on the backside!
Now...the hair candy!
We used polymer clay to make all the little pieces of candy.
the mints were fun!
Take 2 balls of clay and smoosh them like mints...
 Then cut them into 8 pie.
 Do with both colors.
 Then alternate colors and put the pie back together!
 We made confetti, gummy bears, stars, sprinkles, mints and hearts...
then bake according to package...about 15 minutes at 275*
 Instead of trying to put all the candy on individual clips and
 OVERLOADING her head with bobby pins...I devised a genius solution!
I used some plastic netting...the kind that comes with marbles or glass gems...
 Just place net on a silicone mat...and hot glue all the pieces right onto the net!
 Then, you just need to bobby pin the net in a few places on her head and it's good to go!
You can't even notice the netting--especially if you have black hair!

 Next, the licorice!
You will need 2 pieces of red felt...1 by 6"
6" piece of thicker gauge wire
2 6" pieces of floral wire
dimension puffy paints in red!
 Hot glue the wires on one piece of felt...
 run some hot glue around the edges and center
and press the other piece of felt on top!
This will make it able to twist tight around the pony tail!
 Now add some puffy paint to look like shiny patterned licorice!
 Wrap and twist!
Point the ends up like bunny ears so people can see them!

Put it all together!
 And you have a totally sugar sweet costume that everyone is sure to recognize!
Happy Halloween!

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