Spread the Love with Goodies!

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 Help Spread the Love!
Rich Products is a bakery goods supplier that stock most grocery stores.
You wont find their name on any of the labels.
They are hoping and helping others to spread love!
Show people how much they mean to you by giving.

 Sometimes I just want to do something nice for people...
neighbors, friends...whomever. 
But I don't have time to bake cookies and deliver them.
So, I just use bakery goodies from the grocery store!

But, instead of delivering them in the plastic container...
I wrap them up cute!
 I used a CD envelope...I bought a bunch years
 ago and never use CD's anymore.
I also used a paper doily.  Perfect for this time of year!
I took one cookie and wrapped it in plastic wrap super tight.

 Put the doily inside the envelope...

 Then slipped the cookie inside so it shows!
 Tied it up with twine!

 These are perfect to give to a friend...
let my kids pass out for Valentine's day to their friends...

 We put one in the mailbox with a note to our mail carrier!
He did soooo much extra work and heavy lifting for us
 around Christmas time,
he deserves a BIG thank you!

Who would you send a BIG thank you to?

Bakery Because has a great Pinterest page for more great goodie ideas!
Be sure to pin your goodies with the #bakerybecause tag!

Best part:
Rich Products is letting me host a giveaway for 3 winners of $25 gift cards!
Leave a comment on this post and tell me about a special person
 in your life who makes life better for you!
Giveaway will end on January 28th, so you can get your
goodie gift card before Valentines!

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Amanda said…
My Mom makes my life better. :) It hasn't always been that way, but as I got older, I got smarter. She is my best friend!

Love the cookies in a CD envelope. So cute! And thanks for the permission to buy baked goods at the grocery store and repackage them cutely. I always feel like since I CAN make yummy homemade baked goods that I HAVE to make yummy homemade baked goods to give away. I don't give many yummy baked goods away. :( Hooray for store-bought yummy baked goods that look cute!
Azshadella said…
I think I'd have to sneak a few of those in my husband's lunch bag. He has stood by me and supported me with my daughter who has some mental health issues. He has loved her as his own when her own father has not. He has been my rock, my ear and my shoulder to cry on. He has been there for the both of us for the last nine years and has never faltered. Not only that, but he lets me be a play at home mom to our four year old. It brings tear to my eyes to think of just how great he has been and how humble he is about it, he couldn't imagine it being any other way, and thankfully, I wont have to!
Hykel said…
My husband. He worked on an old phone for two days so I could have a brand new updated one. Love him!
HeatherD said…
What a clever idea! I'd love to do this for my son. He makes our life better by being willing to drive 70 miles round trip to help us do things we can't do anymore...like feed the cows! And he never complains when we ask him the same tech questions over and over!
Genius idea repurposing CD envelopes into pay-it-forward treats! The doily is a perfect fit! I would slip some of these to my sister, who cares for our mother 99% of the time; she's an awesome caregiver.
AguasGirl said…
I never would have thought about CD envelopes! That is awesome!

I thought about my husband who is my best friend and a great father and I could dedicate this to him. But there is another that has made my life so much better and that is my daughter. She is 19 months old and she gives me a reason to smile when I wake up and I miss her when she is asleep. She has given me such a strong purpose in life, more than just being a wife could ever have given me. I have a stronger reason to live, to reach my goals and to be the best role model in the world for her. I have learned patience and to look at the real purpose in life every time she does what a normal toddler does. She is my best friend, always loves me and doesn't care what I look like. If anyone makes my life more worth living it is my baby girl, Kailee.