100 Facts about Me!

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100 Facts About Me!

1. My favorite color is blue (mostly aqua)
2. I love to craft and create
3. I like to be in charge
4. I have terrible allergies
5. I married my dream man
6. I have 3 beautiful children
7. My hair is the longest it’s ever been in my entire life
8. I had an ectopic pregnancy/emergency surgery in September 2010
9. I don’t like cooked oatmeal
10. I love to organize
11. I love sub sandwiches (ham, cheese, banana peppers...the works!)
12. I love yard sales and the summertime!
13. I went to Venezuela in 1999 with my dad
14. Got my ears pierced when I was 6
15. I love dancing...been known to dance in parking lots
16. I love pizza
17. I like playing video games (currently Fallout 76)
18. I am obsessed with ellipses...
19. I love garlic and onions
20. I love public speaking--hand me the microphone!
21. I fell out of the shower when I was 4 and had to get 4 stitches by my eye
22. I wear a size 8 shoe
23. I love to write on a chalkboard or whiteboard
24. There is a little fleck of gold in my right eye
25. My blood type is O positive
26. I had my eyes lasered (PRK) and now have better than average 15/20 vision
27. I love thrift stores...and I even haggle with the managers for better prices
28. I've never been skiing (and lived in Utah for 29 years!)
29. I got to go fishing in a geyser when I was 12 at Yellowstone
30. I love sharpies
31. I love school supplies (a bouquet of sharpened pencils--love that movie too!)
32. I got my Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do
33. I love scissors and box cutters
34. I love 80's cartoons!
35. Love taking pictures...
36. I am a good speller
37. I am actually thrilled to be in my thirties!
38. I am LDS and strive to live it
39. I got lost at Bear Lake when I was little
40. I can take a compliment...I’m probably too prideful!
41. I love projects
42. My biggest pet peeve is when doors or cupboards are left partially open
43. I won an abstract art contest hosted by a local bank in high school and was awarded $100
44. I homeschool my kiddos
45. My mom taught me to sew when I was in kindergarten
46. My husband and I ran a martial arts school for 6 years
47. My mom died of cancer a week before my 17th birthday
48. My dad is a rocket scientist
49. I love patterned paper
50. I love to teach
51. I love to shop at thrift stores and pride myself on my awesome finds
52. I am not stubborn, but that doesn’t mean I agree with you or that I am a pushover!
53. I don’t like talking on the phone
54. I can pass on doughnuts, pie or cake any day of the week
55. My weakness is homemade cookies or brownies
56. I am not a gardener...I loathe yard work
57. I love colors...but I wear mostly black
58. I love to write...not stories, I just love handwriting! I have several personal fonts too
59. I love to wear glitter
60. I love to paint my toe nails...never my finger nails though

61. I have 6 fingers on my right hand...not really, but I love the Princess Bride...favorite movie ever
62. I got married when I was 19
63. I have always shared a room with someone (first my sister, then my husband)
64. I have magic hair that glows when I sing...not really, but I love Tangled...
65. I love shoes, but love to be barefooted as much as possible
66. I have never gotten a “ticket” of any kind...I’ve been pulled over 3 times in my driving history...for no good reason, except that I'm cute!
67. I am generally a happy person
68. I don’t believe in getting “stressed out”
69. I am not very emotional
70. I am very observant
71. I used to have a good memory, then mom brain took over...
72. I need 8 hours of beauty sleep a night to be a happy girl
73. I failed my driving test the first time
74. I am frugal
75. I like to throw parties...I love to hostess
76. I love sparkly things
77. I love Halloween (favorite holiday) and dressing up!
78. I have been on 4 airplane trips in my life
79. I like to type on a typewriter or keyboard
80. I love mirrors (I am vain)
81. I kidnapped a baby quail when I was 7 and brought it home to my mom...we dropper fed it for 3 days before it died...I had extreme guilt
82. I won a goldfish at a carnival when I was 3 and it lived until I was 8...it’s name was Goldpetal
83. I don’t like to take showers...
85. I love to organize and rearrange furniture!
86. I love damask print, polka dots, cupcakes and pinwheels...

87. I took piano lessons from age 7 to 12
88. I love hot glue
89. I can write beautifully in calligraphy
90. I am obsessed with cheese domes
91. I got married in the Salt Lake LDS temple June 2000
92. I love totes, bags, metal tins, bins, buckets, drawers...
93. I dated 47 different guys before I got married
94. If I could have a super power it would be shape-shifting
95. I swore I would never have a blog...now I have 3
96. I am 5’2”
97. My daughter found a real 4-leaf clover in the backyard...I framed it and keep it safe in my room
98. I love power tools
99. I like to make handouts, gift boxes, take-home type stuff
100. I love to craft, create and collect!  Somedays I don't do anything productive!

Tell me something fun about you!


Hi Natalie im Amila From Sri lanka

im really like your crafting projects ,im decide to do Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame! project next week , thank you alot for publish those things .... god bless you

Karin Vogeleer said…
Hi Natalie

Im Karin from the Netherlands!
Im gonna look on all ur projects! Now working on Roll Up Glove-box Essentials Caddy! Im making it to put all my quilt stuff in!

Byeeee and thank u for sharing ur projects with us!