Otter Pop Lightsabers and Summer Fun!

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6:00 PM
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Otter Pops!  I LOVED these as a kid...and guess what, I still do!
When they contacted me to review a sample, I was as thrilled as a kid!
My kids were ecstatic too!
It's been a really odd summer for us...super rainy.
So we spent some time indoors and did a fun project in 
anticipation of our Otter Pops freezing!
Because sometimes, Otter Pops are way too cold to hold with bare hands!  :)
We made lightsaber holders!
There are 6 different Otter Pop flavors, 
so they'll make awesome and colorful sabers!
My favorite is Louie Bloo Raspberry...I just love blue.
Does that make me a Jedi Knight?
 We used felt, cut it at 4 inches by 5 inches...
 Folded it in half and hot glued one side and bottom.  
Leaving the top open!
 And then lots of decorations of felt...even the 
4 year old was super lightsaber excited!
 Custom work...this would be such a fun birthday party activity!
 Finished an ready for those tasty treats--and some sunny weather!
 Aren't they cute?  I love those little otters!

I got thinking, this would be the BEST birthday present to give a kid!
Who wouldn't want a box to themselves and a lightsaber holder?
Oh yeah, here's us enjoying them by the pool!  YOLO right?
My kids LOVED that they didn't have to stop what
 they were doing to enjoy an Otter Pop!
We decided to rent this house because the backyard 
would be the perfect summer getaway and we wouldn't 
have to pay extra for summer fun!  We love it!
How will I ever move to a house without a private swimming pool???
Poor little guy had the stomach flu, but I still felt good about 
letting him eat Otter Pops--fluids right?

Here's the BEST part!
Otter Pops wants YOU to have a YOLO experience this summer too!
And they've got a killer giveaway to help!
Click on the Summer Scramble Sweeps tab under the cover photo...
Answer the questions and get entered to win!  :)  Easy!

Prizes include:
- 5 weekly winners (total of 25 winners): (1) 16 count box of Otter pops
- 3 random winners: (1) $50 VISA gift card
Grand Prize winner: (1) year supply of Otter Pops

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