Teal and Gold Ombre Soap!

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 Teal and Gold Ombre Soap!
This is the most gorgeous soap, and it has gold mica in it to add a little shimmer to your skin.
It's super subtle, and mostly all washes away.
But it's fun all the same.
Makes a wonderful gift for Valentine's day, Mother's day,
Birthdays, Christmas or just because!
Soap makes such a great gift because it is something everyone should use,
but it's a gorgeous consumable, so it doesn't add to the clutter or the waist line!
 One batch made eleven 2.75 oz bars.
 Here's what you will need:
Stephenson Personal Care Melt and Pour Crystal Soap Base
(this is the one I used)
They have fantastic soap bases and I highly recommend them.
Just message them to find a retailer near you!
They sent me several soap bases to try in exchange for this post.

Soap Mold and box

Soap coloring

Gold Mica for cosmetics

Measuring cup, spoon, microwave, rubbing alcohol and spray bottle
Open up your soap base and cut it into 8 pieces.
Then cut 1 of those pieces into small pieces.
Put them in a microwavable container.
Microwave for 30 seconds at a time...then stir and cook again as necessary.
If you zap it too long, it will bubble and spill over, so just 30 seconds at a time.
This melted down to 1 cup of soap for me.
Stir with a spoon and add 10 drops of turquoise coloring and 1 drop of green.
Spritz the inside of the mold with rubbing alcohol.
This will help prevent sticking.
Pour in the full cup of turquoise soap.
Place in refrigerator or freezer and let it set up completely...about 20 minutes.
Mix 1/8th chunk of soap, cut into pieces and melted...with
1 teaspoon of gold mica powder.
Pour the gold soap on top, just enough to barely cover the teal soap and let it set up completely.
Only takes about 5 minutes.
(do not use it all)
Then mix up another chunk of base, cut into pieces with less coloring this time.
5 drops of blue, 1 green.
Pour complete 1 cup of teal soap all over the gold.
Add gold layer, then blue layer with less coloring, like 1 drop of blue.
Then add gold layer.  Then add white soap on top.
I mixed all my blue soap in the same container without cleaning between steps...so
my white has some blue in it...no matter.
Finally, after 4 layers of blue, top with a thick layer of gold soap.
Just as it starts to set, use a spoon to rough it up and around a bit.
While still moist, sprinkle some more mica dust on top.
This adds that sparkly glitter right on top.
It shines to perfection!
A little goes a long way!
I let my bar sit overnight.
Then pulled the mold out of the box and peeled the mold off the soap.
Silicone molds are a dream for this.
Laying on my cutting board, it looks fabulous!
I used a pastry knife with no serrations to cut the soap into bars.
The knife just glides through the soap and I actually did a decent
 job making them all the same size!
They are 3/4 inches thick and are about 2.7 to 2.8 oz each.
I love the soothing smooth layers and the shiny butter-like top!
They are delightfully unscented, since I am a high allergy gal.
Just wonderful soap that lathers and shimmers.
There's air bubbles and lines on the edges that aren't just so...
but I love the look.  In fact, I think it is those character flaws that make
it so appealing and give it the handmade stamp of approval!
I love the glistening peaks on the top that sparkle in the sunlight!
If only I could make desserts this satisfying to look at.
Just wrap in parchment and tie with a string
or slip into a cellophane bag with a sticker for a label!
Great for a boutique sale, fundraiser or as a soap making business!
This is easy enough for older tweens and teens too!
I love the finished look!
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This is stunning. Beautiful soap bars !