How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--10 ways!

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 How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--9 ways!
I absolutely love Lego and I love Unicorns, so I decided to combine the 2.  I spread out a blanket on the floor and dumped the 2 giant totes of Lego pieces on it one morning.  I told my 9 year old son that I needed to build a Lego Unicorn...but I had to go to the gym first.  When I got back, he had already put together a darling little unicorn.  I sat down with him and we created 9 different unicorns, all uniquely adorable in their own way.
Here's a fun set that Lego sells with a's got wings, so it's actually an Alicorn!  But would you believe it's pretty different than ours!

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Can you guess which one my son made first?  Which one is your favorite?  Here's the 9 Lego Unicorns we built.  There are some similarities in each of them and some differences...totally open to imagination and creativity!
Okay, the first one was the little gray one on the bottom center.  My son also built one that has moving legs.  I put a few together, the small white ones, just trying to get the proportions right.  They are cute--chubby and smooshy...but fun.  The last Unicorn we built's the big one in the center.  My teenage daughter even joined in--she has sharp eyes and can always find the pieces I need.  Plus, that little star cutie mark was her idea!  So cute!
Meet our beautiful Rainbow Unicorn:
Dump out your Lego supply and see if you have the pieces it takes to make this Unicorn...or adapt your own version!

Begin by using the curved pieces and building up the rainbow Unicorn tail.

Step 1: Assemble full tail
Step 2: Assemble 2 sets of legs
Step 3: Connect legs with body
Step 4: Add next level of body
Step 5: Add little Star cutie mark to the flank
Step 6: Add first layer of neck
Step 7: Add first layer of mane to neck
Step 8: Add Unicorn muzzle and next layer of hair
The mane sticks up and looks fluffy--so cute, right!?

Step 9: Add more mane hair
Step 10: Add more mane hair
Step 11: Add sleepy eyes
Step 12: Add the Unicorn horn
Then add the rounded muzzle to the front.
Next add 2 flat pieces to even out the level of the muzzle.
Then add the little golden tiara right in front of the horn.
We built all these adorable unicorns and have that little Unicorn Minifigure to round it off to 10 Unicorns!

I love the little gray one that almost looks like a Rhinoceros.   The black unicorn is made using arches for legs.  The small white one has a crystal for the horn.
Also, this Unikitty set Party Time is awesome!  We ended up with about 6 extra Unicorn horns, so that would definitely help when creating unicorns!  Check out my post on Unikitty here.
This is the wonderful thing about Lego!  It unlocks so much creativity and fun.  We spent 5 hours sitting on the floor building all the unicorns.  It was time well spent.
Do you have a box of Lego pieces?  What do you like to build?
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