Summer Fun with the New Nintendo 2DS XL!

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Summer Fun with the New Nintendo 2DS XL!
It's summer time here, kids are out of school and everyone is heading out on vacation.  If you are one of those people going on vacation and traveling, this device is perfect for the road...and those little moments in between.  I love having options, especially when it comes to media.  I find that I don't have to regulate media much, because my kids love being creative with their play time.  There are times that I actually like for them to put their feet up and play a game or two.  This 2DS XL is perfect.  I received product from Nintendo at the live event covered in this post, all opinions are my own.  I love Nintendo and have since my childhood.  No affiliate links included in post.  

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We were lucky enough to attend a Nintendo blogging event at the Gateway in Salt Lake City last week.  We had wonderful food from California Pizza Kitchen and Sweet Tooth Fairy.  The Gateway was decorated like a Mario wonderland.  Live size mushrooms, pipes and a giant lit picture wall.  Everyone got to test out the 2DS XL that wanted too.
We met David, who was the spokesman for the Nintendo night.  He told us all the details of the new handheld device, the 2DS XL and I think everyone was ready to go out and buy one that night!  He also let us know that each family would be taking one home at the end of the evening.  Super generous!  This was one occasion that my kids were all really happy that I am a blogger.
Here's some information about the 2DS XL:
It's a great price point at $149.99.
There is a huge library of games available for the New Nintendo 2DS XL across marquee Nintendo franchises such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Animal Crossing as well as other popular kid and family friendly titles such as Minecraft, Pokémon and LEGO.
 Some games offer multiplayer or co-op gameplay, allowing kids to play against friends with wireless play. In addition, Street Pass offers a unique gaming experience that you can't find anywhere else -- collect Mii™ characters and interact with them, enjoy enhanced gameplay, and play innovative games in StreetPass Mii Plaza.
Also, it's nice to know that there are Parental Controls on the New Nintendo 2DS XL so you can make sure you’re comfortable with how the system is being used and control what content the kids can access.
Nintendo 3DS games can be played on the New Nintendo 2DS XL system so if your family already owns a Nintendo 3DS or even a DS, you don’t have to buy new games!  In addition to gaming, you can take and edit photos, browse the internet, and stream videos from Hulu or Netflix - right on the New Nintendo 2DS XL!
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My kids love it!  My son loves the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds game.  My daughter likes creating Mii characters.  So much fun for lazy summer days, traveling, and quiet kids while running errands.

Check out these fun shirts I made for the Nintendo Event:

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Sara said…
That looks like such a fun event!!!! I love your Let's Play shirt.