Paint the Exterior Siding of a House!

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I received a  Home Right Finish Max sprayer to use in this project.  I didn't use it for the whole house, but for the out building, check it out!
Paint the Exterior Siding of a House!
 We bought our house a couple years ago and love it!  It was built in 1951 and needed a lot of renovations.  We mostly focused on structural things and super important things, like plumbing, electricity, and turning it into an open floor plan.  Here's the Realty Listing picture:

We got permission to do work on the yard even before the deal was closed.  We had to paint the front porch in order to get our loan approved.  So by the time we bought the house, it already looked much better.  Check out the Kitchen, Living room, and the Bathroom.  The exterior was overgrown and needed lots of care and grooming.  Which, at the end of the day, left no time, energy or money to deal with the elephant in the room...the Pink Elephant!  Okay, salmon.
Two years passed and the house was still adorable...and salmon.  I despised the color the day we bought it.  I could deal with it if it was hot pink, or even coral...but salmon.  The worst.  It's like they picked a color in the brick and matched the house.  I mentioned the color to my in-laws in passing and they offered to help paint it!  Yay!
We used:
Paint Sprayers  (Home Right Finish Max for small details)
10 gallons of Battleship Gray Satin Exterior Paint (with leftovers for touch-ups)
Tall Ladder
Painters tape for around windows and doors
and lots of human labor

I picked Battleship Gray...a blue-ish shade of gray--making it the perfect compliment to the orange brick!  Now the brick is the star of the show, not the salmon siding.  Plus a Front Door Refinishing in there too!
There was some prep work on the top section of the house, peeling off ivy and using a sander to get those little bumps off.  My father-in-law is the best!
 Then he used a power sprayer and painted the side gray.  I loved it already.
 We don't just have one house...we have 2 additional out-buildings, that were also pink and red!  Ugh.  So we painted everything gray.
Can't even tell there was ivy on it--or that it used to be salmon!  I love the way the ivy works, but I know all the risks as well, we are on it.

 All around the windows were painted gray and make the new vinyl windows pop out!
 We have this great building in the back...way bigger than a shed, and carpeted.  We call it the "Room of Requirement" because it becomes what we need it to be.  Lots of parties and events in that room, as well as storage before a yard sale.  It was salmon and red, and I painted the exterior gray and originally left the red.
 I used a paintbrush to get in all the mortar cracks and then quickly rolled paint all over the cinderblocks.  They still showed pink in the I got out my Home Right Finish Max sprayer that I got at a conference a couple years ago.  I diluted the paint according to directions and sprayed all over the building.  It got gray paint all the way in every little crevice!  Yay!
 My hubby used his Halloween stilts to reach up under the building awnings with a big sprayer my in-laws have.
 We decided to paint all the red completely gray.  It felt like a big gray building for a while, but I really love it over the salmon!  It looks great with flowers and totally serves its purpose.
 The garage was painted red and was chipping.  We scraped all the loose paint and then sprayed it all gray.  We made a over-spray catcher using cardboard and a piece of wood...this kept the spray off the brick and we didn't have to tape anything off.  Genius life hack.
 So happy to have everything painted grey and matching--it's like our battleship estate!  The gray really helps the cool brick stand out!  I love it!
 We have a huge carport that was all completely peach colored...and I am so glad it is gray now!  It looks perfect with my Peacock Door too!
 I am so happy with this simple transformation!  It took us 2 full days to completely was hot and sweaty and totally worth it!
I have enjoyed every square inch of my house since the painting!
Don't you love these S-hook chains my blacksmith son made?  Yes, he'll make something to replace those orange hooks eventually.  :)
 Check out the Before and After!
Please don't tell me you like the's like the worst color on earth.

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Laura said…
Great job, it looks beautiful!