Upcycled Book Page Rosettes!

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Book page flowers or newsprint are so fanciful and fun!
Great for a fabulous bouquet...and a nod to Belle from Beauty and the Beast!
Simple tutorial to make Book Page rosettes!
For fabric rosettes...go here.
I did a whole post with fabric flowers.

I started with an old book.
I generally don't tear apart something that is useful...
but I did this time, I confess.
I bought this old Readers Digest condensed
 book at a yard sale for 10 cents.
I had 100% intention of destroying
 the book for art's sake.
Sorry...you could use newspaper,
old magazines, old sheet music, school papers...
 With one page I cut a cloud shape.
then a cloud shaped spiral moving
 into the center of the sheet.
Leave the center of the spiral in a circular shape...
 Start with the outside edge and begin rolling the paper.
Does not need to be a tight roll, some gaps 
help to show the petals of the bud...
Continue rolling.  I hot glue every once in a while,
 just to keep it in place.

 Once you get to the center of the paper, you will have a
 circle leftover to glue the entire rosette onto.
 Press down in the center and hold until the glue sets.
This way your flower will not unravel from the edge or the middle.
Cool right?
To save time...and mass produce,
I cut about 8 pages at once...it doesn't matter 
if they are slightly varied in size...
They all turn out slightly different anyway!
 To add some awesome.
I pressed each rose into my gold ink pad.
Just enough to ink the edges. 
(you could glitter the edges too...that would be cool)
I just need a million more to finish 
the wreath I am doing!

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Unknown said…
That is so cool! They turned out great!
Amanda X said…
These are adorable! Love the look of them with the book pages. I am totally copying this.

You have too many great ideas, now I'm trying to figure out what I could do with these...
Anonymous said…
Love these. Off to attempt.
Thank you so much for sharing a tutorial.
Karen said…
This is so pretty!!! Great idea!!!
Karen said…
This is sooo pretty! Great idea!!!