25+ Homemade Teen Cosplay Costume Ideas Round-Up!

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Handmade teen cosplay and costumes featuring Vanellope Von Schweetz, Belle from Once Upon a Time, The Corpse Bride complete with Maggot and Maleficent as a young girl.

25+ Homemade Teen Cosplay Costume Ideas Round-Up!

     This time of year is so much fun for costumes!  Conventions are the sound of Summer to me.  In fact, we are heading out to FanCon on Saturday!  I love making fun costumes and cosplay...and I love dressing up my kids.  Handmade costumes are so much fun.  I like to buy stuff at yard sales, thrift stores or hand-me-downs...and then alter, adjust, paint and fix them up for the perfect cosplay.  My sweet daughter has loved dressing up since she was born...she was my only baby that would wear a hat!  It's fun to scroll through these pictures and see how much she's grown up!  Here's 25 handmade costumes and cosplay ideas perfect for the next comic convention!  What's your favorite cosplay?

Handmade Teen cosplay of Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph Disney costume DIY for teenage girls

Be an Elven queen or a Christmas elf with this fun ear headband.

Handmade Teen costume of Emily the Corpse Bride with maggot made of polymer clay.

Handmade teen costume of Soos from Disney's Gravity Falls.

Pink hair and shirt with mermaid print leggings and fun make up for the his fun handmade teen cosplay for comic conventions.

Once upon a time handmade teen costume robe with celtic clasp perfect cosplay for teenager.

handmade teen cosplay star wars jedi robes perfect for sci-fi conventions

Handmade teen Maleficent costume with feathered wings and horn headband perfect for new Maleficent movie diy

Handmade costume of knight, paladin or king with chainmaille, sword, tunic and shield diy's.

Handmade teenage cosplay costume of a broken china doll.

The perfect silly muffins or derpy hooves my little pony cosplay perfect for a teen.

Handmade cosplay robe for Morgana or wizard costume diy.

Handmade teen cosplay of Luna lovegood complete with dirigible plum earrings

Princess Leia Cosplay
White dress, silver choker and big buns, Princess leia handmade cosplay for teenagers.

Handmade cosplay of Maleficent in black horns, feathers and staff.

Colored hair, a crown and wings for this handmade teen Twilight Sparkle diy costume.

Mabel pines handmade teen cosplay costume perfect for Disneyland or convention

Handmade Thor Valkyrie Odon Winged headband made with craft foam and paint.

Fuzzy wolf tail made with fake fur fabric for a handmade teen wolf cosplay or costume.

Pop art comic book girl cosplay with red wig and facepaint pixel dots for comic convention costume.

Link from Legend of Zelda Costume (Cosplay contest winner!)
Cosplay contest winner Legend of Zelda video game character Link handmade costume.

Cosplay of Star Wars Queen Amidala in the celebration gown in Episode 1 handmade costume for teen.

Handmade costume of Harry Potter's wizarding World Moaning Murtle cosplay last minute simple diy.

My little pony rainbow dash handmade costume cosplay diy for teenage girls.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas handmade teen costume of Cindy Lou Who

Handmade simple costume of Cindy Lou Who hair do fun Christmas cosplay diy from the Grinch.

Plus---an non-handmade costume:
T-Rex Inflatable Costume
Store bought t-rex costume funny cosplay for teenager or teen.

See it walking here:

Which Cosplay or Costume idea is your favorite?
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Handmade teen cosplay and costumes featuring Vanellope Von Schweetz, Belle from Once Upon a Time, The Corpse Bride complete with Maggot and Maleficent as a young girl.

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