STAR WARS Princess Leia Buns Cosplay!

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Princess Leia Buns--Easy Star Wars Cosplay!
I am so excited for the movie this weekend!  We got tickets for Saturday!
And yes, we will be dressing up for the ocassion!
Okay, kind a mixing up pieces here...but we all remember our first
 time seeing princess Leia on the blockade runner...standing up 
to Darth Vader and hiding the plans in R2D2...sweet.
She is awesome.
 Simple buns...we just use these sock bun forms!
 Split hair in half.
My daughter has an amazing cowlick on her head and even
 at the crown of her head...
so we always part her hair on the side...(except in this photo shoot)
The put the hair in pigtails about 2 inches above the ears.
Place the bun form on and wrap the hair around it to form the biggest,
puffiest bun ever!
We use the smaller form on the thicker hair side and then
 bigger one on the side with less hair.
 Repeat on the other side and then you are good!
Add some fun accessories...and a white dress...or just a white turtleneck!

 Can't wait till Saturday!

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