Faux Fur Wolf Tail!

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 Faux Fur Wolf Tail!
 A fluffy wolf tail is a fun dress up prop or addition to a big bad costume!
 Faux fur is actually quite easy to work with if you know the tricks.
 When cutting faux fur...or fur for that matter,

 only cut the backing, that will leave the fur long and natural.
Otherwise you will get "Bad Haircut" blunt chunks.
 Take little nips with the scissors across the back to cut the size of tail you want.
 Fold fur in on itself in half.
Sew along the edge, tucking the fur inside as you go.
 Sew it down to a point at the end.
Then roughly cut the fur about a 1/2 inch away from the sewn line.
 Flip the tail right side out!
Use a stick or pen to reach inside and push the end out completely!
 Now add some batting.
Not a lot...unless you want it to stick straight out!
 Whipstitch the end closed with a needle and thread.
Perfect tails!
Now you can just safety pin them on the backside of your wolf.
It's easy to pin them through a belt loop...if you have some.
Great for a big bad wolf costume!
 Or just for fun!
 Matches our wolf hat from Target a few years
 ago...could probably DIY one too!

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