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Red Hooded Cape!

Okay, not that I am a super model...
and not that my daughter is the best photographer ever...
but I was thrilled with how easy and awesome this cape turned out!
And gotta love that accidental hexagon sun flare bokah!
 I decided to go as Morgana from the Merlin series.
I loved when she would sneak around at night in a glorious RED hooded cape!

And when she embraced more evil magic...she looked awesome!
So I went with a combination of the 2 looks.

 The cape was simple.
(and I didn't line it with anything)
4 identical pieces.  60 inch width fabric made this perfectly flowy!
I used all the width at the bottom and tapered it up to the top.
2 pieces are separate and cut on the selvage edge.
1 piece was cut on the fold.
3 pieces for the cape.
Measure from the base of the neck to the floor for the length measurement.

 Then a simple stitch on the tapered edges to sew all 3 pieces together.

 Like this.
Then I rounded off the bottom edge and hemmed it.
As well as rolling that selvage edge and hemming the sides.

 I knew I wanted a giant hood.
I'd wear it down mostly, so I wanted it big and impressive.
I traced my hoodie hood and made it very exaggerated.
Sewed it and flipped it right side out.

 Yes, it's long.  My hair goes down to my low back...
and I didn't want my hair to cover the hood completely.

 I gathered the top edge of the cape just enough to fit the width of the hoodie.

 Then I pinned it in place...yes, I rarely use pins...but this is a must!
 Pinned so that they are the same width.  With just a subtle amount of gathering.
I used ribbon and an old red belt clasp for the cape clasp.
It's a little sloppy with my black thread...but alas, I love how it turned out!

 Floor length and flowy.
The air caught it perfectly when I walked!

 I think it will work for a ton of other costumes too!
Like Little Red Riding Hood or something Christmasy!



Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Beautiful costume. I love your curly hair!

ashtonsmom said...

Thank you!!!! I was able to successfully make a cloak from this tutorial. Mine is black and has a rounded hood. I don't have pics yet. I liked the way this one was constructed better than other tutorials that just used rectangular pieces. I am relatively new at sewing and had no problems following your instructions.

Stephanie Lynch said...

What kind of fabric did you use to make this cloak?

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