Corpse Bride Maggot Accessories!

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 Corpse Bride Maggot Accessory!
I love Halloween.  It's my favorite holiday.
Not gory, scary and disgusting Halloween...but I love costumes,
 dressing up, parties, accessories, fall weather, fun food and of course, candy!
So naturally I like some Halloween kid movies!
Corpse Bride is a favorite.
 Now there are tons of fabulous costumes out there for Emily.
I'm not focusing on the costume part...but I couldn't resist a try on my patient daughter.
(Who doesn't make their 10 year old sit down for a Halloween
 makeover in September on a random Tuesday???)
I realize her hair is not turned out teal...just use your imagination, mkay?
 Besides...we are focusing on Maggot.
Emily's adorable quirkly little side kick...
 That voice inside her brain...
 That makes an appearance on occasion.
 Pretty good, right?
I'd love blue hair, some crepe for a veil, white out contact lenses,
 fake eyelashes and way more make-up!
 I got some sculpey oven bake polymer clay.
I actually won a bunch in a I wanted to see what I could make.
I took a few shades of green...
 and mixed them so they look marbled...

Then a ball for the head, and "snake" tube for the body.

Form the body with twists...
 I used an x-acto knife and cut the grooves for the deep set, sunken eyes...
and added big lips.
 Used some glow in the dark clay for the eyes...and then did 3 of them.
Baked in the oven according to package directions.
 Next paint.
I used pink, purple, blues...
Did the lips pink with some purple...
Around the eye socket in purple and blue...
and black eyebrows and pupils.
 Let them dry and admire!
 Now, I made one into a a pendant and one a lapel pin!
Easy options on how to wear your maggot!
 Just a little dab of E6000 and time...

 I glued the maggot on this headband...then wrapped him there with thread.
 When it dried and took the thread off...and maggot stayed!
 Super Halloween accessories!

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