Maleficent Costume!

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 Maleficent Costume!

 The Maleficent Movie was so fun to watch for the costuming alone!
I knew we had to recreate several of the pieces!
 My amazing sister in law was my muse.
She has naturally wonderful cheekbones, so this was a no-brainer.

Maleficent Costume!
 Firstly, Maleficent has so many wonderful choices when it comes to her clothing.
More traditional black leather...

 And the winter cloak.
First the headpiece and horns.
To make the horns I used FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam
I drew the pattern out on 2 inch foam and started carving into it with their cutter.
To cover them I made circles of vinyl with a slit.
Then wrapped and hot glued them right at the tip.
Then I hot glued one edge over and glued and wrapped it down the horns.
Starting at the tip.
Gluing and wrapping around each turn.

I pulled the vinyl quite tight too...carefully not to break the foam.
At the bottom I cut slits in the vinyl.
And wrapped and glued them around a metal headband.
Then I cut holes in the top of a beanie.
The holes were about 4 inches apart at the top and slipped the horns through them.
Covering the headband.
Then I hot glued the hat around the horns so they wouldn't shift.
Then, I cut a long pieces of stretchy fabric.
I cut one hole in it and while my daughter wore it I threaded it over one horn.
Then wrapped it around the backside and around the front...then I cut another
hole it in and threaded it over the other horn while she was wearing it.
I wish I had more step by steps...this was really stressful.
We cut a piece of snake skin vinyl for the top, but ended up just cutting off the tip and...
Using spirit gum, we stuck that triangle right to her forehead!
Then we decided to make the winter cloak/cape complete with fur collar!
 I cut 2 big pieces of fur and sewed them together.
 Leaving the center open...then I made it right side out.
 I stitched up this weird gathered vinyl collar and stuffed it inside the fur collar.
 Then stitched it up!
 Added some fur to the front of the cloak and poof!
We just safety pinned the collar and the tail on the robe.
This way the costume is versatile for years to come.
Okay, so my sister has superiorly beautiful blue eyes naturally,
but threw in some contacts for added awesome.
As well as an awesome make-up job!
These are untouched photos!  My work was easy!
Amazing right!??

Make sure to check out the how to make the staff too!
Maleficent Staff!

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