Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls Cosplay Halloween Costume DIY

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Simple Mabel Pines Cosplay Halloween Costume DIY
Have you heard of Mabel Pines?  She is one of the main characters in the cartoon series called Gravity Falls.  She has a twin brother named Dipper.  My kids got really into the series this year and a costume/cosplay was the result.  Because they are just people, the costumes are simple.   Here's Mabel:
Super simple animations.  My daughter dressed up like her and wore it to our local Library FanCon.  She got all her friends to dress up like other Gravity Falls characters and the group of them won 2nd place in the cosplay contest.  There were 2 other Mabel Pines in attendance--but my girl had the whole gang.
Here's a few more of the characters: Soos, Dipper, Grunkle Stan, Mabel and Wendy.
Here's the gang, including Stanford and Waddles, Mabel's pig.
The costume is simple.  Here's what you will need:
Pink Sweater/sweatshirt
Purple skirt
White socks
Maryjane shoes
Pink headband
and this shooting star:
I put freezer paper on my Cricut mat and had my Maker cut the shooting star.
Then iron the shooting star outline on the sweatshirt.
I gave my daughter a bunch of paint and she did all the work.
Painting the star and the shooting bands to match Mabel's sweater.
She used pink duct tape to cover a headband for the perfect color!
Right when we were walking into FanCon, who did we see?  Why 2 other Mabel's and another Dipper!  It was so much fun!
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