Steampunk Teen Mermaid Costume!

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 Steampunk Teen Mermaid Costume!
When it comes to Halloween costumes, I like them modest.
Apart from having high moral standards, and that it's cold out on Halloween...
it's also a holiday where the CRAZIES come out!
We take dressing up very seriously at our house!
We source ideas and pieces year round and get a game plan in August!
There are usually several events that require dressing up
 and it is fun to mix it up for each of them!

Super simple Mermaid inspired costume with a touch of steampunk!
This costume is great for a church party.
Key points:
no mask (lots of churches have a no mask policy)
comfort and ease of movement. (big, bulky costumes are fitting for some occasions, but if you are having an active party with lots of games, movement is essential.)
essential for a tween or teen girl, right!?
These scale leggings are so much fun.
They are great for daily wear too!

 For make-up, I cut a scale stencil out of cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo.
It ended up getting shredded a little bit, but still usable.
 Then I just held it against her skin and dabbed eyeshadow on it with a cotton ball.
 It just left the shimmery scale print on her face!
I used some hairspray and gently sprayed it right on her face to set it!
 It stayed perfectly through her whole party!
 With the scaly leggings, gold coral necklace, pink boots, brown corset,
and of course, hot pink wig...
She looked like the perfect teenage mermaid!
 Of course, she has always loved dressing up like a mermaid!

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