Jedi Master Wizard Duel Robes! Handmade costumes!

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6:00 AM
We absolutely LOVE robes!
Jedi robes, Sith robes, wizard robes, Elven robes, Snow Queen name it! 
It all began in 2007.
I made jedi robes with some scrap material for our 2 kids for Christmas.
They loved them...
 Well, little misses needed some warming up to it...
 Then she loved it!
Son number 3 is the perfect size for the robes from 5 years earlier!

 And he loves them!

 But, the tragedy was the older son.
His love for robes hasn't changed...but his size has.
Harry Potter Wizard duels just weren't the same.

 So, when he had some date time with me...that was his request.
A Jedi robe that fit him.

 And he was sooo happy!
 In the past I've used a pattern...
This one in fact...the blue one.
and MAJORLY altered it depending on how
 large the person was I was making it for toddlers too!
I've cut it out probably fifty times, so it's pretty committed to memory!
 Here's the basic's a tapered rectangle with scoops for the arm pits.
The back is cut on the fold, the front is 2 pieces with the selvage edge down the center.
Then you sew the layers together from the armpit to the floor on both sides.
 I kept the needle position in the far left

 Then I cut with the pinking sheers to prevent frays.

 Here's the shape of the piece that goes over the shoulders, across the
back.  You could use a t-shirt as a guide...

 It sews on the top edge of the big pieces...

 Then a hood and big bell sleeves are sewn on.

 Double fold and hem the sleeves and the length.
 Ready for action!

 Oh yeah, and a cool button closure!

Varieties are endless!
We make them and wear them for virtually every Halloween costume ever!

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Joseph said…
Awesome! I love cloaks too. I made myself and my brother Jedi cloaks with that pattern a while back. I did heavily modify it though. I didn't like the seam across the front and back so I cut the shoulder piece along the fold over the shoulder and attached the pattern pieces to their respective sides so I had solid pieces when I cut out the fabric and the seam was on the shoulder. Then when I did the hood I did a rounded hood instead of the pointy wizard style.

I was worried that altering the pattern that way might cause it to bunch or hang weirdly, but it looks fine.
Disney Girl said…
Love your blog! Following thru GFC and Bloglovin:-)
Unknown said…
Brilliant! With a cloak, you can be anyone! I'll try this with some left over fabric I got at