Harry Potter Cosplay: Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings!

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 Harry Potter Cosplay: Luna Lovegood!
Complete with Dirigible Plum-Shaped Earrings!
I absolutely love Luna!
 She is such a fun character and wears the funnest things!
In the movie, her "radish" earrings are beaded...but we'll make them out of oven bake clay.
You'll need a little red, white and green
Plus 2 eye pins, 2 earring hooks.
 Smoosh the red into a ball and stick the white on the end of it.
 Roll into a radish looking piece and cut it in half.
Then roll each half gently to make 2 radishes.
 don't over mix the clay or the tail will turn pink!
 Take the green and roll it into a snake.
Then fold it into a 3 leaf shape piece.
 Stick it to the top of the radish.
Take your eyepin and fold up the bottom edge so it will fit inside
the radish and not slide off after it is baked.
 Slip  the eyepin inside the radish and smooth out the clay at the top
so it's tight to the eyepin.
 Now bake in the oven according to clay package directions.
Mine was Sculpey brand and I baked it for 30 minutes at 275*F
 Now add your earring hooks with some jewelry pliers and you are done!
Nargle free!

The perfect addition to a Luna Lovegood Costume!
 Come back every day this week for more Harry Potter fun!

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These are so cute, what a fun idea (Luna is such a great character, I wish she had been in the films more)