Creepy Porcelain Baby Doll Costume DIY

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Creepy Porcelain Baby Doll Costume DIY!

Make a great costume with just a few supplies.  

My daughter was this creepy doll last Halloween and she stood out!  

Those giant creepy eyes and blank stare were perfect!  

This costume is easy to duplicate--and great for a tween or teen!  

Let's get started:

You will need:  (affiliate links)

You will also need:

I love this face paint set.  

I got it like 3 years ago and I love it.  It lasts forever.  

I've got 32 colors that come in individual pots.  

You just add a little water to the top of them, like watercolors, and then incorporate some paint...then paint brush it on your skin.

They are vivid colors and wear well.  If I ran out of these face paints, I'd buy these again.

1. Start with the dress then rip or cut up the edges and hems. 

2. Put on the apron, socks and shoes.

2. Curl hair and put up in pigtails with Rhinestone Bow.

3. Use facepaint white to add some size to the eyes, about 1/4 inch.

4.  Use eyeliner to draw lashes under the white eyes.  Add freckles and scars with eyeliner.

5. Use eyelash adhesive and apply the fake eyelashes.

6. Use the facepaint in pink to draw a heart shape on the lips.

7. Hold your Teddy Bear.

Ta-da!  Done!

Easy to get together last minute--or start now and sit back and relax for the next 2 months!
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