My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Cosplay Costume DIY!

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 My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Cosplay Costume DIY!
In July we got to go to a My Little Pony Convention!  It was so much fun...and of course, we dressed up!  Since the My Little Pony movie is coming out in October, you can bet you'll see lots of pony costumes for Halloween too!  This cosplay is Rainbow Dash from Equestria Girls after she's pony'ed up.
 So here she is!
Pretty spot on, right!?

We started by finding a blue long sleeve shirt at the thrift store...instead of a sweater, because it's like 100 degrees in July.
 We used an electronic cutting machine to cut a freezer paper stencil of the Canterlot Wondercolts symbol.  Then ironed it on the shirt and stenciled it in gold.
 Removed the freezer paper and filled in the inside of the horseshoe with yellow paint.
 We bought a rainbow wig instead of coloring her hair.

We found a pink skirt at the thrift store too.  I cut it as a high to low skirt so it would be short on the front but hang low enough on the backside.
We bought the rainbow socks too.

 The shoes we had, they are iridescent...not blue...but good enough.
So far the costume is good, but not complete.
For the white stripes on the skirt, I just cut fabric and hot glued it right to the skirt!
For the headband and ears we used foam and fleece with hot glue.
Check out this Derpy tutorial for more details

For the tail, we cut a swish shape out of blue fleece.  Sewed all the edges except one place and turned it right side out.  Then we filled it with cotton and sewed up the opening.  Then just sewed it to some ribbon to tie around the waist...just like Rarity would.
Oh yeah, and added a yellow fleece stripe down each side with hot glue.
Cute tail!
Costume is done and it's perfection!
Best part of the convention was meeting Andrea Libman!
She voices Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy!  She has the most adorable normal voice anyways, but it was so fun to hear her talk like Pinkie Pie just for Hailee!
And she met up with most of the main 6 too!  Poor Twilight was busy reading books I guess!
Super fun convention!

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