Comic Book Pop Art Girl Hair Bow & Make Up!

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 Comic Book Pop Art Girl Hair Bow & Make Up!
Need an amazing but super simple Halloween Costume?
This is so fun and adds so much personality!
With a nod to Roy Lichtenstein, you can be a Pop Art Comic Book Girl (or guy)!

 First, let's make the POW Bow!
You will need:
 1 piece of blue felt
Some strips of black felt
Black metal headband
Hot glue/gun
I used this great new hot glue gun
Did you know my last glue gun and the one before that BOTH blew up!
Yah, a little fire was involved too!

But I was sent this one at no cost to review!  Wahoo!
It works great and has a small tip for excellent accuracy!
What can I say, I love it and use it nearly daily!
I printed off this POW onto shrink plastic film and then cut it out!
I baked it in the oven and it looks great!
I hot glued it right on the center of the bow.
 Now just slip the bow onto a metal headband and ta da!
Oh wait, you'll need the make-up!

(this make-up wheel is fabulous!!!)
These pots are loaded with paint and will last forever!
They are true to color...there's 32 different colors and you can mix your own combo's!
My sister in law will have a full tutorial up in a few...
but it's pretty simple.
White dots with the back end of a paintbrush all over the face in a grid.
It's got to be a grid, like the pixel art, otherwise it looks like measles or pox!
Then you will need to paint black on eyebrows, eyeliner,
a nose line, cheek bones, and jaw line!
Add bright red for lips...
Outline with black and add a highlight!
It looks awesome as is...but class it up with some comic book red hair!
Wigs are the best!
Add the giant POW bow headband and you are the most animated one at the party!
Perfect, simple and totally statement making!

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