20 Hair Accessories that double as a Halloween Costume!

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Head bands and accessories that are quick to DIY and wear for Halloween!

20 Hair Accessories that double as a Halloween Costume!

Halloween can be as simple or complicated as you want.  As I get older, I spend less time on my costumes and more on my kids.  Sometimes I just paint my face and wear a headband.  Here's 20 awesome hair accessories that can work wonders for your Halloween costume this year!  Easy to make in less than an hour!  Which one is your favorite?
Also, this is like a life story of my daughter from the last 8 years...she is so cute!  I love the missing teeth smiles and the days she let me do her make-up.

Pop Art Comic Bow

Evil Queen Headband

Elf Ears

Felt Tiara 

Cindy Lou Who Headband

Crazy Bird Lady Headband

Alice in Wonderland Bow

Cindy Lou Tea Cup Headbands

Mini Cowgirl Hat

Donut Frosting Hair Clip

Rapunzel Braid

Princess Hennin

Unicorn Headband

Snow Queen Headband

Rhinestone Bow

X wing Fighter Bow

Winged Valkyrie Thor Headband

Tinsel Pipecleaner Crown

Mini Top Hat

Giant Duct Tape Bow

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