Alice in Wonderland Hair Bow Headband!

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 Alice in Wonderland Hair Bow Headband!
I love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass,
they are both a fun read, quirky and full of contemplation!

Did you know that Lewis Carroll never said what color of dress Alice was wearing?
The first colored rendition of Alice's dress was...YELLOW!
Then there were a variety of versions...until the BLUE one stuck!
Thanks to Macmillan's 1903 "Little Folks" edition!
And of course, it's been blue in our minds ever since!
 Here's the DIY Hair bow with the
whole Alice ensemble thrown together in one statement!
Curiouser and Curiouser!
Come with me, down the rabbit hole! 
You will need:
38 inches of Black 1.5" Satin Ribbon
30 inches of Baby Blue 7/8" Ribbon
3.5 inches of Baby Blue 1/2" Ribbon
15 inches of white lace trim
1/2 inch Rhinestone Buckle
2 Felt Circles
2 two inch pieces of 1/4" elastic
Lighter, Needle & Thread, Scissors, Hot Glue/Gun, Headband/clip/pin
Start with the black ribbon.
Lay it out in even loops...with 2 loops and one "tail" on each side.
Start at the bottom edge and start gathering it in the center with your fingers.
Until you gather it all.
Now take your thread and wrap it about 15 times around the center of your gather.
Hold onto the loose thread end with your pinching hand while you wrap.
Then cut the thread and tie the ends in a secure knot.
Lay it out and make sure it lays pretty.
Now pinch the "tails" in half and cut them with sharp scissors
in a diagonal line from the edge pointing into the fold.
This will give them a perfect peak!
Carefully use the lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon.
Not too much or too close or you will warp the ends!
Practice on a scrap before doing your bow.
Use the same bow gathering technique to make your blue bow.
Because the bow ribbon is narrower and shorter in length, it will make
 the perfect layering bow to sit on the black one!
First take your lace and loop it over the center loop of the black bow.
Wrap it around the back and tack it in place with hot glue.
Now stack the blue bow on top and tack with a little hot glue.
Then take a needle and thread and stitch all the layers of bows together.
This will keep them malfunction free.
Next, make an interchangeable bow back.
This way you can slip it on a headband, put it on a clip or even a pin!
Take 2 pieces of felt and 2 pieces of elastic.
Cut 4 slits in the felt carefully and thread the elastic through them.
Hot glue in place.
Hot glue the other piece of felt on the backside and trim to fit on the back of your bow.
Now use the short small piece of ribbon and run it through your Rhinestone slider buckle.
Loop it around your bow and secure it with hot glue on the backside.
Then hot glue your bow adapter felt piece on the back.
Now you can slide in your headband, pin or clip...
Now it's ready to wear!
Add your favorite blue dress, white apron,
 black mary-janes, striped stockings...a pocket-watch...perhaps a teacup!
We're all mad here!
 We'll take any occasion to get dressed up as our favorite characters!
Do you love Alice in Wonderland...have you read the books?
What do you think?

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