STAR WARS X-Wing Fighter Shabby Hair bow with Bird Cage Veil!

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 STAR WARS X-Wing Fighter Shabby Hair bow

Oh my goodness, we are SO excited for
Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens!!!
We have tickets for Saturday and are definetly dressing up for the occasion!
Here is a great hair bow that is easy to make!
 You will need:
Birdcage veil
2 round circle felt pieces
2 1" pieces of 1/4" elastic
1 ribbon flower or equivelant
1 ribbon bow or equivelant
1 marabou feather puff
1 x-wing fighter
Hot glue/gun
Hair clip or headband
 Hot glue the bird cage veil to the edge of one of the felt circles.
 Now make the other felt circle with the elastics woven through them.
 Carefully cut 4 slits in one of the felt circles.
 Just like this picture.

 Now slide your elastic strips into the slits.
And hot glue the ends down onto the this!

Hot glue that felt circle onto the other one, with the elastics
looking like a pig snout...
 Hot glue the marabou puff on the edge of the felt circle.
 Hot glue the flower and the bow on the rest of the felt,
overlapping the marabou feather a tad.
You'll need an's how to DIY it!
Just like this R2D2 bow...check it out
 Now hot glue on your x-wing fighter!
 Let it cool completely...then add a clip or headband through the elastic loops!
Kind of vintage style, yet totally geekified for a Star Wars lover!
Come back for more great Star Wars DIY!

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