Donut with Sprinkles Hair Clip!

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Donut with Sprinkles Hair Clip!
Doughnuts are adorable, and this one is calorie free!
Great for Crazy Hair day or just a fun way to wear your hair anytime!
I used pink hot glue sticks and real sprinkles.

You'll also need an alligator clip for the backside
A silicone baking mat and a heat tool are super helpful too!
And a sock bun on your head!
Put a pink stick in your hot glue gun.
Use a baking mat as the surface for melting on.
These mats are genius...I always keep one with my craft stuff!
Squeeze out a generous amount of glue on the a donut shape.
Then I used my embossing heat tool to melt all the glue together,
since it doesn't quite melt with just the gun.
Melt it smoothly...let cool slightly.
Then dump on some sprinkles!
Let it cool completely, or stick it in the fridge for a few.
Then hot glue a clip on the backside.
Just clip it on your bun and you are golden!
You look like a delicious donut!
Sure to get many compliments!

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