Snow Queen Headband

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6:00 AM

 I was the Snow Queen for Halloween in 2006.
I loved this costume!
I glued rock salt to my face...and made an
 icicle crown, and icicle staff.
 Modeled after Jadis, queen of Narnia.

 But over the years,
my original crown had been disassembled...and I was feeling pretty sad about that.
I mean, all you need is a drapey robe and this crown and you are GOOD.
So I made a new one...a different version, still awesome.

 I got these icicles at the Dollar store.
I guess I can't be "too mad" that they have all the Christmas stuff out already!
I love how cubey and chunky these are...

 I used a hack saw and hacked off the end with the holes.
 Then I used my drill and drilled a new
 hole in them near the base.

 Like this.

 And the plastic it ruined my bit...oh well.
 I started with hot glue and glued these along the headband.

Afterwards I used a piece of wire and wrapped it
 around the headband and into the icicle holes.
Just secure the wire on the top of the headband
so it doesn't scratch your head.
I was on the phone during this stage of the construction,
so there are few pics...sorry!

Could do them shorter for a little ice princess!
A total statement!
 Kind of Statue of Liberty like too!
Which gives me an idea...