DIY: Pipecleaner Crown Headband

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 DIY: Pipecleaner Crown Headband
This is a fun and fast craft for summer camps, a fun activity day, youth group or birthday party favors!  I love crowns and tiaras.  Every year on my birthday I wear a crown and make my kids call me "your majesty".
 You will need 5 pieces of metallic pipecleaner per headband and one metal headband.
Bend the pipecleaner in half around a pencil and twist it around itself.  Remove the pencil to make the circle shape at the top of the peak.
 Repeat for all 5 pipecleaners.
 Wrap the ends of the pipecleaner around the headband and twist them around themselves.
 Repeat for 3 of the points.
 Add the last 2 points in between the 3 points.
You can cut them shorter or just twist them around the others more.
I did a dab of hot glue on the base of each point on the headband, just to keep them from sliding, but you can just wear it as is.  Good to go, and about a 15 minute craft!
 Super cute!  You can decorate with plastic rhinestones or beads too!
  Such a great summer craft!
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